Our Vision “Everyone Connected”

At HeroTel we believe that everyone should have access to fast, reliable and affordable connectivity, no matter where you live or work in South Africa. 

This is deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of everyone that works here.

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How do we achieve this

Consolidation of the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) industry is central to our strategy.

The Collective Mission

  • To Strive – We continuously push back the boundaries of the cost of customer acquisition and infrastructure to reach all South Africans
  • Everyone – Nobody should be excluded from access to the Internet
  • Affordable – Everyone should be able to afford Internet Access
  • Quality – We won’t let quality suffer in the pursuit of affordability


The Future

We are committed to a bright future for South Africa’s WISP industry, a future where WISPs play a central role in taking the Internet to everyone in our country.

HeroTel News

HeroTel: How do we build fibre?

Herotel is different from other operators in that we install our fibre on ‘telephone poles’ above the ground, only going underground when we construct our feeder network or cross the road.

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Cloud PBX Solutions

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