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Telecoms Channel is South Africa’s first Telecoms provider article and technology news aggregator and publisher, serving the Telecoms reseller and service provider community.


Our proposition is ideally suited to the Vendor, Supplier or Developer community given that our readership and followers are mainly Resellers operating in the telecommunications space.


We collect content directly from the most common technology vendors and partners and make it easy for the broad Telecoms community to access the latest news and developments from their chosen providers and technologies.

Our research shows that companies operating in the Telecoms industry find it frustratingly difficult to keep up the industry because of all the sources for industry-specific information. These same users agree that following the news is the single most effective way in which they can keep abreast of industry developments. This is where Telecoms Channel comes in. Our followers will appreciate a single source for local telecoms content that is relevant to them, today. And we intend on keeping them engaged through a mix of weekly mailshots, social media campaigns and features, together with re-marketing to remain top of mind.


For advertisers, there’s an opportunity to get your branding on specific pages of the website, be it one of the brands you are aligned to, or simply your chosen technology. All campaigns and initiatives for those sections are lead to that page which will feature your banner, branding, company news, and a link to your very own page with your full profile, contact detail, company news, social media feed, and more… imagine someone searching for a specific technology and finding Telecoms Channel, and specifically a page with all your branding on the page – you’ll be seen as the primary channel for that technology and be recognized as the subject matter expert.

Our sections include, but are not limited to the following:




Technology sections




Voice over IP



Euphoria Telecoms

Hosted PBX



Far South Networks

Fibre Connectivity


Bicom Systems


Wireless Connectivity

Microsoft Teams



Unified Communications



Internet Solutions

Contact Centre


Alcatel Lucent

Liquid Telecoms

Telephone Systems




VoIP Device




Industry News



Vox Telecom

Call Recording

Nashua ECN




We offer sponsorship opportunities which include:

  • Branding on the Telecoms Channel Home page
  • Featured Provider in Main News Menu
  • Brand Awareness and Branding over Social Media
  • Branding on each Article page
  • Branding in Weekly mailshots to the client base
  • Option to sponsor information for a ‘Learn About’ page exclusively with your branding and contact detail

While our team is hard at work growing our following and readership, you can expect to find us on:

  • Google Search across vendors and technology search terms
  • social media, on our page and as outreach through targeted campaigns
  • select industry publications where we will be broadcasting our Press Releases
  • in the inbox of our email subscribers

As a sponsor, you stand to benefit from the exposure generated through each of our initiatives.


We have several Sponsorship options available. Should you require something specific please engage with us via email and we will put together a custom solution to meet your needs.

Upon request we have developed a package specifically for mainstream Service Providers which offers the following:

  • Exclusive Sponsorship of the “Learn About…” section
  • Brand page with exclusive branding and contact form with all form submissions directed to you
  • Logo on the Telecoms Channel Home page
  • Featured logo in the main news menu
  • Your logo on the Telecoms Channel homepage
  • Your logo and news in our weekly mailshots to the subscribed client base


Exclusive Sponsorship

3 Month

 R 12,500 per month

6 Month

 R 11,000 per month

12 Month

 R 9,750 per month

You get your Own brand page which includes your contact detail, profile, social media links, and a feed of all your articles or of the brand which you want to be aligned with.

An example of a brand page can be found here:




6 Months

R 750.00 per month


Position yourself as the subject matter expert of your chosen technology and share your knowledge in a featured “Learn About…” section.

What you get:

  • Featured logo in the main news menu
  • Your logo on the Telecoms Channel homepage
  • Exclusive partner for Learn About section
  • Featured logo in the main news menu
  • Main banner on the page with the content you provide for the section
  • On-page Branding, plus your news and social media feed



Exclusive Sponsorship

Shared Sponsorship

6 Month

 R 6,000 per month

R 3,250 per month

12 Month

 R 5,500 per month

R 3,000 per month

Choose a vendor that you wish to be affiliated with and claim that brand page.

What you get:

  • Featured logo in the main news menu
  • Your logo on the Telecoms Channel homepage
  • Your Company Banners on your chosen supplier’s brand page
  • Your News below all the brands Articles (Partner News)
  • Your News in the chosen Brand/Technology Page


Exclusive Sponsorship

Shared Sponsorship

3 Month

 R 6,500 per month

R 3,500 per month

6 Month

 R 6,000 per month

R 3,250 per month

12 Month

 R 5,500 per month

 R 3,000 per month

Take the spotlight in a Comparison page for everyone to see.

What you get:

  • Featured logo in the main news menu
  • Your logo on the Telecoms Channel homepage
  • Exclusive main page banner
  • Featured listing the comparison section


Exclusive Sponsorship

Shared Sponsorship

6 Month

 R 6,000 per month

R 3,250 per month

12 Month

 R 5,500 per month

R 3,000 per month

Want to move forward? Complete the following form and we’ll be in touch to finalise your sponsorship.

Additional Information relating to Advertising with Telecoms Channel

We provide a free PR model where we publish all of your news through our channels. Sponsors news is promoted through our network and followers and is featured in our weekly newsletter. 


If you need help generating content, we have partnered with Telecoms Content Hub who can assist with all your tech-related content requirements, from as little as R 650.00 per article. Visit to find out more.

Our team is full of great ideas for the website and thought it would be beneficial to share our future development plans.

At present, the supported functionality includes:

  • News aggregation for the mentioned categories and vendors
  • Syndicated content from other Industry media outlets
  • Informative content and showcase pages for visitors to learn about different telecommunications technologies
  • Provider and product comparison pages currently linking to our sister site,

Due for completion end July 2019

  • Provider and Technology comparisons (across VoIP, Hosted PBX, Unified Communications, IP PBX, IP Phone, Fibre and Wireless connectivity, etc.)

Due for completion end October 2019

  • Smart Telecoms Directory, featuring:
  • Geo-location search
  • Advanced Filters across technology to help end-users find the best provider and connect directly
  • Providers Ratings and Reviews

Earmarked for launch in 2020

  • Market Guides
  • Voice over IP
  • Unified Communications
  • Telephone Expense Management
  • Fibre Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Contact Centre
  • Industry Event Listing
  • Job Portal
  • Public and Private Sector Tender Listing
  • Market Surveys
  • Signed Order Form
    Company Logo in High-Resolution with transparent background (.png)
  • The required URL for all Banner clicks to be directed (if none, it will be directed to your Brand Page)
  • Your Company Profile and full contact detail including Social Media links
  • URL to your News/Blog/Press office or the main brand which you support
  • Contact person and email address where enquiries and monthly reports will need to be sent

Banner Sizes:

  • Square Banner (used in Right Hand Column) 250×250
  • Half page Banner (used in Right Hand Column) 234×60
  • Leaderboard Banner (used in Right Hand Column) 728×90

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