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Vodia Networks develops and provides leading-edge software for enterprise communications solutions. Since 2006, we have empowered thousands of businesses worldwide by providing the latest cloud and on-premise IP PBX technology.

The company’s CEO, Dr. Christian Stredicke, is an industry veteran and a successful entrepreneur.

We are committed to providing a UCaaS solution including our leading-edge IP PBX that is scalable, reliable and secure. We would like to be the preferred vendor for innovative channel partners who prefer independence, creativity, and long-term growth.

We empower the small businesses to provide better services by providing them with the tools necessary to compete in the 21st century.

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Vodia Networks

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what is a phone system
Hosted PBX

Vodia Networks: What is a PBX

What is a PBX?
PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.  Back in the old days, companies were connected to the central office of the telephone company, and that was where all the magic happened – transfers, conferences, group calls, etc.

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