To become the preferred provider for carriers for their African and South African requirements through:

  • Unwavering commitment,
  • A focus on competitive pricing,
  • capitalising on brand strength, and
  • Exceptional service

About us

We are the Largest Pan African Carrier with:

  • 5 Mobile Operations (SA, DRC, Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania)
  • 9 Legal Entities (Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Mauritius)
  • Presence in 29 African countries
  • Satellite hubs in 10 African countries
  • Reach to 50 countries in Africa through own or partner networks
  • On the ground presence in over 16 African countries with Vodacom employees
  • Strong local expertise in providing fully managed Pan-African MPLS network
  • Ability to self-provide last-mile access in multiple countries and the ability to provide end-to-end SLA
  • Manage our own Core MPLS Infrastructure throughout Africa
  • Centralised Account Management, Service Management and Network Management through the Vodacom Customer Service Operations Centre (CSOC)
  • Access throughout the East and West coasts of Africa to the following undersea cables: SAT3/SAFE, SEACOM, EASSy, Main One, GLO and WACS all having onward connectivity to rest of world
  • Reach to rest of the world through parent company, Vodafone

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