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With over 10 years’ experience as a VoIP Provider offering solutions to thousands of home and business clients both in South Africa and abroad, Switch Telecom has gained a reputation for outstanding service and advanced solutions.

Switch Telecom was founded, initially, as an alternative to the fixed line incumbent in . Our first operating license was issued by ICASA in .

Over the years we have grown, evolved and matured. We no longer just provide VoIP services to bring down costs. We offer our client’s cost-effective communication solutions.

Become a VoIP Reseller or Wholesale Partner

As a Switch Telecom VoIP Reseller or VoIP Wholesale Partner, you can expect an aggressive commission structure or wholesale discounts in addition to a cost-effective and reliable service for your customers.

We understand that no VoIP Reseller or VoIP Wholesale partner is alike. And the reasons for wanting to partner with Switch Telecom often vary. Consequently, we have structured both our VoIP Wholesale and VoIP Reseller programmes in such a way that they cater to many different needs.

We have an established Wholesale programme for the provisioning of services to other licensed operators. As a VoIP Wholesale partner, you can expect a generous discount structure. You can also expect a premium quality service because of our direct interconnects. You will also be able to white-label the Switch Telecom VoIP solutions.

Similarly, companies specialising in the provisioning of IT and ICT products and services are also welcome to partner with us as Resellers of our VoIP solutions.

As a Switch Telecom VoIP Reseller, you can expect a lucrative commission structure, all the while being able to depend on Switch Telecom’s reliable solutions and outstanding service. Switch Telecom will also manage customer credit. We will assist in the sign-up process and offer customer support. Subsequently, there are fewer things for you to worry about.

Best of all, both Partner models allow for access to our online portal and competent support teams.


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