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If there is one constant that characterises the IT industry and its distribution channel in South Africa it is change.

Accepting, understanding and adapting to change are the pillars on which successful companies have thrived in an ever-changing world.

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It’s a concept that has been fully embraced by us. Since our company’s establishment in 1984, we’ve witnessed, first hand, significant changes in the IT landscape. We’ve grown accustomed to change as technologies evolve and the challenges faced by customers transform.

Once clearly-defined target markets are often abandoned in favour of others. Certain vendors may address a broad-based user market, while others are niche-orientated. Their positions often reverse.

In order to keep pace with this level of change, technical expertise within the distribution channel has had to evolve and the way products are marketed, sold and supported has had to be constantly reviewed.

Acknowledging this, we have continuously made considerable investments in our most important asset – our staff – providing training and upskilling to keep them abreast of change. The effort has paid dividends. Over the years our team has grown steadily as the company has expanded in response to emerging opportunities in the IT industry stimulated by change.

As a result of our determination to keep on top of developments in our industry, Duxbury Networking is today an extremely flexible organisation. It is ideally positioned within the channel to meet the need for specialised, value-added technical support services as well as the volume distribution of its market-leading offerings.

We strive to develop excellent relationships with our partners who view us as dependable trusted advisors, willing to ‘go the extra mile’ when called upon to do so and to become extensions of their businesses.

In this light, we have a positive outlook for the future which we believe will continue to be characterised by innovation and technological advancements on an unprecedented scale. We will continue, as we have in the past, to be driven by change to ensure a successful direction for our business and those of our customers.

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