Resell Yeastar Devices? Use This Tool to Simplify and Monetize Your Support Services

If you’ve ever tried to talk a user through a PBX/gateway configuration or troubleshooting over the phone, the advantages of remote management tool will be immediately obvious. This kind of platform/application provides firsthand insight into a device’s health, accelerate troubleshooting, simplify operations, and reduce service downtime.

As Yeastar partners, you’re armed with such a tool.

Yeastar Remote Management

Accessible for Yeastar devices including S-Series VoIP PBX, Yeastar Cloud PBX, K2 IP-PBX, and TA FXS VoIP Gateway, Yeastar Remote Management provides a centralized maintenance solution for MSPs, VoIP resellers and Yeastar partners to securely onboard, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot all of their customer-premises Yeastar deployments in one single platform. By providing deep visibility and control over remote Yeastar devices, Yeastar remote management opens up a new opportunity for you to up-level professional managed services, improve customer satisfaction, and drive new revenue streams.

IT Administration and Device Support Made Simple

With Yeastar Remote Management, enhance, simplify and monetize your support services with following feature-rich benefits that allow you to secure, maintain and improve IT operations as efficiently as possible for your customers.

  • Real-time Device Monitoring and Notification

Catch real and potential IT issues early and fix them remotely. Yeastar Remote Management helps you monitor Yeastar devices 24/7/365 and send instant warning messages whenever problems occur. There are 20 types of alerts for you to configure for instant notification, including System Overload, Network Attack, SIP trunk Registration Failure, and more. Just take care of your customer-based PBXs and FXS gateways proactively and address issues before they can actually do any damage to your customers.

Yeastar Remote Management was one of the main reasons we decided to go with Yeastar. Getting the alert message when a system or SIP trunk goes out of service allows us to be proactive and we usually fix the issue before the customer calls. 

– Jeffrey Baum, President of BlueStar Telephone Consulting

  • Simple Remote Management & Troubleshooting

Maintain, configure, and troubleshoot customer-premises Yeastar PBX and FXS gateway in a flash as you were given physical access. Instead of opening ports or creating any firewall rules on your customer devices, Yeastar Remote Manage makes it possible for you to securely access the remote device’s administration portal via a single HTTPS-secured link.

You can remotely update the device firmware to ensure that your customers are always running on the latest version. You can also remotely execute actions such as configuration change, status monitor, troubleshooting, and security patches. All without taking any of your customer resources. And all can be started in seconds – whenever you or your customer need it – to skyrocket productivity and limit service downtime.

YK Communications has been using the remote management utility since it has become available. Using this to administer S-series PBX systems has made support, administration and diagnostics much simpler, especially on systems that are deployed on networks where the WAN IP address is dynamic. 

– Bill Rakowitz, General Manager at YK Communication

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  • Enterprise-grade Remote Access Security

Safeguard your customer-premises devices with enterprise-grade remote access security. Yeastar Remote Management takes multi-layer security mechanism to ensure peace of mind. These include bank-grade HTTPS encryption, 2-way connection authentication, role-based privilege control, advanced remote-access timeout mechanism, and comprehensive operation logs.

You no longer need to do port mapping or require Public IP address, DDNS, or NAT for remote device connection. And customers can also ensure that the access to their device is restricted to authorized users only for maintenance operations.

“It’s a great way for me to be sure I can log in, even if the customer doesn’t know how to setup firewall rules. Yeastar Remote Management is more secure than opening the firewall exposing the phone system to everyone on the Internet. I don’t have to expose customer phone systems to potential hacking if all they need is remote management by our technicians. 

Matt J. Rygelski, Principal Solutions Architect at Phonewire

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  • Single-Pane-of-Glass Convenience with Intuitive Dashboard

Get an eagle-eye overview of all your Yeastar device status from a central point. Yeastar Remote Management features an intuitive web-based dashboard that presents an overview of all your device connection status, details of recent alarms, and a summary of device status by group, so you can keep abreast of changes in a timely manner.

  • Profitable Managed and Maintenance Services

Generate recurring revenue by offering professional support, maintenance or managed service with Yeastar Remote Management. It helps you to move away from a break/fix model while offsetting much of traveling costs by enabling your technicians to work on the network.

We love the remote management. It helps us to sell management service contracts that are more profitable, as we do not need to dispatch out to perform routine maintenance. 

Benjamin Silver, President of Silver Communications

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How Does Yeastar Remote Management Work

Setting Yeastar Remote Management is as easy as a pie. The whole system can be up and running in minutes. All you need to do is to gain remote-access authorization from your customer devices! This can be done by verifying Authentication Code or your Yeastar Partner ID on the customer devices – only a few entering and clicks away.

Besides, for better management of your devices, you can organize your devices into groups to your preference (by Device Model, Responsible Technician, Customer Priority, etc.) and create sub-accounts for your technicians to realize the device access control.

How Yeastar Remote Management Work

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