Unlocking Efficiency and Excellence: P-Series Phone System January 2024 Update

As we step into the new year, we are excited to bring you insights into the latest developments in the P-Series Phone System. The January 2024 update is here, and it brings a host of enhancements that promise to streamline communication and elevate your operational efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the highlights of this exciting update.

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Streamlining Omnichannel Messaging with Message Queue

Enhancing WhatsApp and SMS Interactions: The spotlight of this update is the introduction of the Message Queue feature. It’s a game-changer when it comes to handling customer interactions via WhatsApp and SMS. What does it do? Incoming messages are seamlessly directed to dedicated queues, where multiple agents can collaborate to address them promptly. This dynamic workload sharing ensures quicker issue resolution and boosts overall customer satisfaction.

For contact centers, the Message Queue is a crucial tool. Contact center managers can leverage it to enhance service efficiency and reduce the average handling time of each inquiry. Whether you prefer a unified queue for all digital channels or individual queues for each channel, this feature simplifies queue management, adapting seamlessly to your evolving digital communication needs.


Comprehensive Oversight with External Chat Logs

Accessing External Chat Logs: Next up is the External Chat Logs feature, which provides you with convenient access to chat logs directly within the Management Portal. This feature equips you with essential information such as sender and recipient details, message content, and more. Not only can you access these logs, but you also have the flexibility to filter, download, and delete them, putting you in control of your communication data.

To dive even deeper into each session, you can explore the session timeline, which offers a chronological view of session-related actions. It’s your window into monitoring session creation, pickups, transfers, or closures, ensuring you have comprehensive oversight and can assess service quality with ease.


Priority Queue: Precision Call Handling

Customized Call Prioritization: One of the most eagerly awaited features, Priority Queue, is now at your disposal. Unlike traditional queues that follow a “first in, first served” approach, Priority Queue introduces a smarter way of handling calls. It prioritizes calls based on assigned priorities and provides you with options to set up call priority using two key parameters: Weight and Acceleration.

Weight: This parameter sets the initial weight of a call as it enters the queue.

Acceleration: It increases the priority of a call the longer it waits in the queue.

With Priority Queue, you can ensure the prompt handling of VIP clients and urgent calls, even during peak hours. This not only elevates customer satisfaction but also optimizes agent allocation, resulting in improved customer service efficiency.


Seamless Call Management with Queue Call Logs & Missed Call Disposition

Convenient Call Management: The User Portal introduces a brand-new feature that allows queue members to efficiently view queue call logs and manage missed calls. In the dedicated “Queue Call Logs” tab, members can filter missed calls, initiate callbacks with a single click, and label the status of each missed call as “Dealing,” “Dealt,” or “Not Dealt.” These actions are logged with timestamps and the person responsible, offering enhanced visibility and facilitating effective follow-up tracking for other queue members.

Queue managers also have the flexibility to determine which members can access queue call logs and define view ranges, such as “All Calls” or “Missed Calls” only. It’s important to note that this feature is supported on Linkus Web and Desktop Client.


In-Depth Insights with Enhanced Call Reports & CDR

Expanded Performance Metrics: The “Call Reports” module now incorporates more performance metrics, offering a more comprehensive analysis experience. Additionally, the “CDR” module introduces the feature of “Scheduled CDR Downloads.” These updates provide a more intuitive analysis experience with enhanced data granularity, empowering you with deeper insights into the performance of your P-Series Phone System.


List of Optimized Reports:

  • IVR Report (NEW)
  • Agent Performance
  • Agent Call Summary
  • Agent Missed Call
  • Agent Pause Activity
  • Queue Performance
  • Queue Performance Activity
  • Queue AVG Waiting & Talking Time
  • PBX Call Activity (formerly “Trunk Activity”).


Real-Time Notifications with Voicemail Announcement

Immediate Call Notifications: The Voicemail Announcement feature is your key to configuring up to five external numbers to receive immediate call notifications when new voicemails land in the group voicemail inbox. This ensures that urgent matters are promptly addressed, especially when you require on-call agents for emergency after-hours services.


Effortless Redialing with Busy Camp-on

Simplified Call Retries: Imagine a scenario where you attempt to call a colleague, but their line is busy. Instead of hanging up and repeatedly dialing, the Busy Camp-on feature steps in to automate the redialing process. Dial the pre-configured feature code, and it will keep redialing until your colleague answers, saving you valuable time and effort.


Secure Call Recording Backups with FTP

Automated Backup Solution: Last but not least, you can now conveniently back up call recordings directly to FTP. Simply schedule a task, and the file will be automatically downloaded to the designated path you’ve set up. This feature supports both FTP and FTPES protocols, ensuring the secure backup of your call recordings.

In conclusion, the January 2024 update for the P-Series Phone System reflects Yeastar’s commitment to enhancing your communication and collaboration experience. These enhancements are designed to streamline your operations and empower you to deliver outstanding omnichannel customer service. We invite you to explore these features and make the most of your P-Series Phone System.


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