Unlocking Growth: Key Strategies for Telecom Resellers & MSPs in 2024

As the telecommunication sector continues its rapid evolution, 2024 emerges as a pivotal year filled with significant opportunities for telecom resellers and managed service providers (MSPs). This year, we’ve observed monumental shifts, including the integration of multi-platform unified communications (UC), a steadfast commitment to supporting hybrid work models, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), and a renewed focus on enhancing customer experience (CX). These trends, among others, are set to redefine the market landscape in the coming months.

This article delves into six strategic avenues that telecom resellers and MSPs can leverage to capitalize on the dynamic changes in the telecommunications industry in 2024. Original article.


Navigating the Digital Shift: Beyond TDM

The relentless march of digital transformation spells the twilight for traditional TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) phone systems. Recent surveys reveal a surprising trend: over 61% of businesses still rely on TDM PBXs or are uncertain about transitioning to IP-based communication solutions. This presents a golden opportunity for telecom resellers and MSPs to guide businesses through this transition, debunking myths and simplifying the migration process. By doing so, resellers can unlock new revenue streams, help clients cut costs, and boost productivity.


Embracing the Hybrid-First Culture with Cloud Solutions

The adoption of a hybrid-first work culture has transitioned from a temporary solution to a strategic imperative. This shift, coupled with businesses’ preference for streamlined IT solutions through single-vendor strategies, has significantly boosted the adoption of cloud and hosted UC solutions. A report by Synergy Research Group corroborates this trend, highlighting a 17% annual growth in global spending on hosted/Cloud UC services since 2022. For telecom resellers, the inclusion of cloud solutions in their portfolios is essential to stay competitive in 2024, offering comprehensive cloud communication solutions that encompass telephony, video conferencing, and collaboration tools.


The Convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS

The past year has seen customer experience (CX) ascend to a top priority for organizations, driving demand for unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) platforms to converge. Research by Metrigy indicates that 75% of organizations now view integrated communication interfaces as crucial. This integration enhances agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost efficiency by streamlining operations and reducing the need for multiple integrations. As UC vendors like Yeastar lead the charge in blending UC and contact center functionalities, telecom resellers are positioned to offer more cohesive and efficient solutions to their clients.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced User Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the UC landscape, with an increasing number of virtual assistants and AI-driven functionalities enhancing user experience and productivity. Yeastar is at the forefront of this innovation, incorporating AI to automate sales and customer service workflows. For telecom resellers, this trend signifies an opportunity to offer advanced AI-enhanced UC solutions, catering to the growing demand for intelligent and automated communication systems.


Prioritizing Security, Governance, and Compliance

The digital transformation journey brings to light the critical importance of security, governance, and compliance. With nearly 75% of businesses prioritizing security credentials in their purchasing decisions, telecom resellers and MSPs must focus on offering secure communication solutions. Yeastar’s P-Series Phone System exemplifies this with its multi-layer security design, addressing remote work vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS standards. By prioritizing security in their offerings, resellers can build trust and stand out in a competitive market.


Capitalizing on the Subscription and As-a-Service Economy

The rise of the subscription-based business model offers telecom resellers a lucrative opportunity. With the subscription economy projected to generate over $1.5 trillion by 2025, adopting an as-a-service model for UCaaS and software-based PBX solutions can simplify sales processes, provide competitive pricing, and ensure a steady revenue stream through long-term customer relationships.


The telecom industry is ripe with opportunities for growth and innovation in 2024. By embracing digital transformation, cloud technologies, integrated communication platforms, AI enhancements, security-focused solutions, and subscription models, telecom resellers and MSPs can position themselves as leaders in a rapidly evolving market. Yeastar stands ready to support channel partners with its comprehensive UC solutions, fostering growth and competitive advantage in the telecommunications sector.


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