What is a Hosted PBX?

For companies that are seeking a technological solution to their phone systems but a full IP PBX system is not viable, the Hosted PBX system may be perfect.  For small, fast-growing, and/or highly-distributed businesses, hosted PBX services can in fact be the most cost effective way to get a full suite of modern phone system features.

No longer is the phone only present in the office and the home – it’s in your pocket with you throughout your day.

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With a hosted PBX service, there is no need for the typical customer premise equipment (CPE) – dedicated telephone hardware that sits in your office – needed with traditional PBX systems.  Instead, your incoming calls are routed to telephone hardware at the provider’s data center.  When the system determines where to transfer the call, it swiftly forwards the call to the appropriate extension at your office – and that can be geographically scattered around the city or country.


Hosted PBX services can go by many names but are often categorized as a service. The main idea is the same: the software and hardware runs in the provider’s data center and deliver their functionality through the internet to the user’s locale.


By utilizing a hosting company, you’ll effectively be outsourcing the management of your phone system, which means you’ll need fewer resident experts to handle things.  What’s more, Hosted PBX expands communications and productivity by providing a range of advanced features and functionality without straining your budget.


A Hosted PBX provides a number of benefits to businesses of all sizes, some of these benefits include:


  • Cost Efficiency

Hosted PBX absolves you of the many repairs and downtime often experienced by other legacy systems, thus minimizing your in-house maintenance fees.


  • Scale

Hosted PBX enables businesses to add phone lines, augmentations and even connect to mobile devices without facing the constraints imposed by “old style” phone systems’ hardware.


  • Outsourced Maintenance

With hosted PBX, you don’t have to dedicate in-house staff, time and money to keep an on-premises system fully operational. It is often overseen by the phone system provider in an off-site location.


  • Reliability

Hosted PBX guarantees clear reception of each call without lagging response times, delays or slip-ups in call quality.


  • Disaster Recovery

One major advantage of Hosted PBX for businesses is that your infrastructure is protected in a hosted environment, and as such, your flow of communications can continue even in a crisis.

Who are the top Hosted PBX companies in the market?

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