What is a PBX?

Every business worthy of the name will have a phone system, and the IP PBX Telephone System is on the cutting edge of that technology.


For starters, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and describes the phone system internal to a business or group of offices.


The “IP” (Internet Protocol) significantly increases the usability of the PBX by not only allowing the phone system to run off of the IP network but also to integrate into the computer systems of the users as well.

ip pbx

While the initial investment into an IP PBX is often larger, the lifespan of the equipment due to the use of software as the core system – easily upgraded via the network – is significantly longer thus reducing the cost of ownership. IP PBX’s also provide advanced features and functionality which can increase productivity and connectivity to drive down call and support expenditure.


The beauty of IP PBX’s is that they can still connect to traditional lines such as Analogue, ISDN BRI and PRI. While this can be a useful way to start integrating new technology into the business, to really get the most from your VoIP experience, a full system really is required to make use of VoIP technology.


As you integrate an IP PBX it also becomes easier to maintain new users, new spaces, and the myriad of items that need to occur in any business can happen easily – simply unplug the phone and plug it back into the system at the new point in the network. New users can be added with only a license activation or user agreement, not a visit from a technician.


An IP PBX offers a great solution for companies that want direct control over exactly how their phone system is organized in the business without the need to pay additional fees and the need for outside hardware service.

Who are some of the top IP PBX manufacturers in the market?

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