Why Symantec and Westcon is a winning alliance for APAC

As Westcon begins an exciting new partnership with Broadcom to distribute its Symantec enterprise solutions across APAC, we asked Patrick Aronson, EVP Westcon-Comstor, Asia Pacific, how our experience, expertise and innovation will enable and equip channel partners to build and grow a profitable cybersecurity business with Symantec.

Why do you think Broadcom choose Westcon?

Businesses today have high expectations from their cybersecurity vendors, both in their technology investments and in the support and responsiveness they expect from their suppliers.

Broadcom chose Westcon to meet these expectations based on our reputation, expertise, and deep channel partnerships across all key regions – ANZ, Asean, Korea and Greater China. Broadcom also knew they wanted a distribution partner with a data-driven approach to technology distribution and an integrated digital platform which can manage and optimise the customer and partner lifecycle at scale.

How important was Westcon’s experience in being selected by Broadcom?

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, Broadcom came to the realisation that partners, especially in APAC, need a distributor they can trust. With over 30 years’ of cybersecurity experience, Broadcom recognised that Westcon brings unrivalled expertise and the innovation needed to manage complexity, reduce risk and drive value.

We see Westcon as more than just a safe pair of hands. Our new partnership with Broadcom should provide unparalleled access to an amazing and growing product portfolio and the support needed to meet the demands of both new and existing customers.

Our Broadcom business will be supported by the expertise of both centralised experts with deep product and technical experience from the Blue Coat and Symantec periods and in-country teams comprised of field-experienced engineers, product experts and certified trainers who have in-depth knowledge of the entire Symantec portfolio.

Where else do we create value for partners?

We underpin this knowledge of Symantec’s solutions with specialist services, proven sales enablement and data-driven demand generation. Westcon’s goal is to ensure partners profit fully from Broadcom’s new partner program, designed to grow partner’s business through simplified pricing, better margins and richer benefits.

And our digital-first approach unlocks more opportunities and the lifetime value of Symantec solutions, driving predictable recurring revenues and increasing customer success.

How can we help partners engage and retain customers?

Today’s increasingly software-driven world presents a huge opportunity for the industry, but also a challenge to transition to a recurring revenue model streamlined to take advantage of renewals.

Our automated renewals platform and lifecycle teams manage the entire renewals process, automatically creating and capturing data from our vendors, then sending quotes to partners with speed, accuracy and reliability. Renewal opportunities are made available to partners in our PartnerView portal 90 days before renewal date so no opportunity is missed.

How else do we maximise value beyond the sale?

In today’s market, if the end user doesn’t get the value or the outcome they expect from a solution, they won’t fully adopt it, buy any more of it or renew their licences.

Our data-driven approach puts partners in the driving seat. By combining internal sales data, product knowledge and deep customer insights, we can identify the key steps and touchpoints along the entire solution lifecycle.

We then engage, enable and equip partners with the insights, tools and support they need to retain customers, expand existing deals and realise the lifetime value of their Symantec solutions to drive real, incremental growth.

What is our focus for future?

Our role is clear. We are fully focused on providing partners across APAC with the solutions, support and services that they have come to rely on from Westcon-Comstor, and which have made us the leading specialised cybersecurity distributor in the region.

We are really excited about the opportunity this new distribution model presents, as it allows us to provide Broadcom partners with the flexible, responsive and agile support they need to build and grow a resilient and profitable cybersecurity business.

Find out more

Find out more about Broadcom’s Symantec business from Westcon on our website or contact your Westcon Account Manager.

Sourced from: Westcon-Comstor News. View the original article here.

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