Connection Telecom: Case Study: Servest

“With Telviva, you always feel that they are after your best interests, always eager to take your business to a better level. Whether it’s cost savings, quality or service improvement, they always exceed expectations.”

Praneel Matai
Director of Innovation and System Development, Corporate, Servest

Customer name: Servest
Industry: Services

Seamless continuity during a pandemic

When a national lockdown was declared during the COVID-19 pandemic, Servest was forced to shut down its offices in mere days. With 10 divisions spread across 35 000 sites, this leading integrated facilities management company is hugely dependent on phone services – for interbranch calls to 50+ branches, as well as to run various call centres. Almost 700 extensions run off Telviva’s cloud-based phone system, handling over 14 000 customer and internal calls per day.

Fortunately, long before disaster struck, the company was already trialling Telviva’s mobile app, which would turn any desktop, tablet or mobile phone into an office phone, making full use of the Telviva platform capabilities remotely.

Up-and-running with very little disruption

“Before the pandemic, we would have meetings about ‘if the building falls down, how do we keep going?’”, says Praneel Matai, Servest Director of Innovation and System Development. “When we’ve had to abandon our offices and our local infrastructure, Telviva’s mobile functionality was a complete lifesaver. We would never have been able to function as we did by just shutting down the office and moving everybody to their homes. We actually experienced very little disruption and that contributed to proper business continuity.”

With Telviva’s assistance, staff members nationwide were very quickly able to operate as normal, working from home. User manuals were set up and staff were swiftly onboarded, with access to the easy-to-use Telviva One web portal. From here, all call settings can be controlled, from stored phone numbers and call flows, to full compliant and secure call recording to ensure that full call centre functionality was maintained remotely.

First-class support sets the benchmark

“The ability to roll out so quickly, with such ease, was largely thanks to Telviva. They’ve really come to the party with their mobile app and service improvements – even making sure that our sites were up and running. The support is terrific, the quality of service, ownership and accountability is not something we enjoy from all our vendors. It’s something that the Telviva team is very, very good at. You pick up the phone or email, and things happen.”

A track record of cost savings

Servest not only makes use of Telviva’s cloud PBX phone system with call centre functionality, it also relies on the company for data management. Working with Telviva for over 9 years, Servest has enjoyed the full cost savings benefits of cloud services, from removing excess capacity and streamlined IMACD management to reduced line rental charges and call cost savings.  

“Telviva has saved us so much money over the years. We’ve seen a significant cost reduction in the last two years. We’ve long ago made the decision that as soon as a line or contract term reaches fruition, we will move it across to Telviva.”

Sourced from: Connection Telecom News. View the original article here.

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