Case study: DPO South Africa sees significant growth in merchant sign ups in 2020, made possible by Telviva One

“I love working with Telviva! The team is always willing and able to assist. Their drive for innovation makes them the perfect partner for our growing business,”
Lindi Brogneri
Operations Manager at DPO South Africa

Customer: DPO South Africa
Industry: Fintech


DPO South Africa is the local entity of the DPO Group, and is the preferred choice for businesses in SA to accept payments online. Through payment solutions such as PayGate, the company enables merchants of all sizes to accept credit card, mobile payments, and all major payment methods, making it easier for them to get paid online.

DPO South Africa is a long-standing client of Telviva, having been a customer since 2013, making use of a Telviva Hosted PBX for their business telephony. With the enforcement of lockdown restrictions, Telviva helped enable a remote PBX working environment for nearly 100 of the company’s previously office-based staff, including sales, customer service and administration staff – including receptionists managing the switchboard – within a period of three days using their cloud-based PBX solution, Telviva One.

Ensuring business communications continuity was critical to DPO South Africa in lockdown; the restrictions resulted in a greater number of businesses in the country turning to digital platforms to drive sales, which in turn increased the demand for merchants requiring online payment solutions.

The company saw significant growth in the number of merchants signing up monthly in 2020, which was accompanied by a significantly higher volume of phone calls for sales and customer support. Each new merchant onboarded also resulted in about five additional tickets to the customer service department.

Business communications continuity

Being one of the early adopters of Telviva One, DPO South Africa’s employees were able to stay connected either through the web portal or mobile application, and attend to queries, process requests, and sign up businesses who were eager to enable their ecommerce platforms. The seamless transition from on-premise to remote working – with no downtime in communications – enabled the company to grow and scale effortlessly using this cloud voice, video and chat solution. The company also had full visibility of employee usage and their communications expenses.

DPO South Africa uses Call Cabinet to enable regulatory compliant call recordings that are used for quality assurance and employee training purposes, while Telviva created an API integration for their CRM provider Zoho, which will ultimately bring their customer management, ticketing and phone system into one platform – with this single view helping further enhance customer service and experience, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Switching to a true remote working environment enabled an operational shift as DPO continues to grow and recruit new employees. With Telviva One, they can look for the best suited candidates regardless of where in the country they are located – with new extensions being allocated and activated within 30 minutes.

“Our business is growing and our great working relationship with Telviva allows us to continue planning for the future, safe in the knowledge that our business communications continuity is their priority,” says Brogneri.

Sourced from: Connection Telecom News. View the original article here.

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