Nebula: What is the Power of Your Leadership

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Leaders have power that those who do not lead miss out on. While this leadership can be used for good and even for bad, the power of leadership is undeniable. As the saying goes, “Go fast alone, go far together”, thus you need people to go far. People need a leader to show them the way as it has been shown throughout history; think Mandela, Gandhi, Churchill or Roosevelt.  

So how do you become that leader? How do you home in on the power of leadership? 

Discipline & Consistency 

The truth is true leadership is difficult and takes time, effort and practice to master. If it were easy, everyone would lead. One attribute that leaders have worked on is their discipline. Without discipline, you cannot lead yourself. If you cannot lead yourself, who could you lead?  

Start by setting daily practices and building discipline in your own life. Start by leading yourself, then you can move on to leading others.  

Consistency is the next step of leadership. If Michael Jordan only trained 7/10 practices, he would not be the man we know today. To become and stay a leader, you need to show up every day no matter what. 

You are Always on as a Leader 

One misconception of leaders is that they can be a leader at work, but everywhere else they are not leaders. This could not be further from the truth. Leaders are always on, they are leaders 24/7, 365. Leadership is a practice, its your values, the way you conduct yourself. You thus cannot choose when you are a leader or when you are not. You are a leader, always.  

How to Lead in a Company? 

In times of crisis, people need a leader. In the times we face now, leaders are the ones who are leading companies through this pandemic. Those who have been showing up day after day are shinning, while those who only came to practice 8/10 days are falling.  

There are three key elements that leaders use to lead a company: 

  • Values – What you stand for, your why. The entire reason your company is around and why it will be here in the future.  
  • Hope – When the now looks dreary at best, you need to look ahead hoping for a better tomorrow. Leaders can convey a message of hope and give those around them hope.  
  • Communication – While values and hope are important, without communicating these values and hopes, they are useless. No matter the circumstance, leaders find a way to keep constant and open communications with their team.  

Leaders don’t want to be second best. Leaders lead their companies, their teams, their followers and most importantly themselves. Leaders show up and practice discipline and consistency to hone in on their skills so when crisis hits, they are not only prepared but are thriving.  

Sourced from: Nebula. View the original article here.

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