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As a online media publisher serving the Telecoms sector, we welcome your company news and articles which will be published on our website at no charge, just as long as it is relevant to our audience.


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To get the most from Telecoms Channel it’s best to follow these guidelines for your article submissions.


Content – It should always be clear and concise and simple to read and understand. You have to consider your target audience, i.e. the person you’re wanting to attract to read your article.


Title – Make it catchy and interesting! There’s so much other news to compete with – make yours stand out. Keep to less than 10 words and always be sure to keep your primary keyword in the Title, where you can.


Embedded links – Embed source links in the main body of your article, which also allows you to benefit from backlinks, thereby fueling your own SEO ranking.


Featured Images – Send an image with the article! The best size is 850 x 425 pixels in JPEG or PNG format.


Legal – It is your responsibility to ensure that all data used in your press release is accurate and up-to-date and that any professional claims can be substantiated.

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