ScopServ International Inc. is a global pioneer in the IP telephony solutions design (VoIP).

We provide communication solutions and services to small, medium and large businesses. We also specialize in the server multifunction design and software development.

Our developments are built for immediate deployment in any network architecture and they combine the three fundamental benefits of IP telephony: cost, reliability and scalability.

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ScopServ News

Adapting call centers to the health crisis

Call centers are generally involved in receiving incoming calls (sales, service, support, etc.), but can also conduct various outgoing call campaigns (telemarketing, reactivation of customers, surveys, collections, etc.). In either case, they bri

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ScopServ X Obkio

Have you ever been dissatisfied with your network performance or received complaints about it? “Slow” or “interrupted” services, network issues are manageable, but too often energy-consuming for IT admi

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Cloud PBX Solutions

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