Exciting Updates in Sangoma CX 7.4: Revolutionizing Contact Center Operations

In today’s digital age, where customer preferences are rapidly evolving, the ability to engage with businesses through various channels is no longer just a convenience but a necessity. Recognizing this shift, Sangoma CX 7.4 has notably expanded its omnichannel support by integrating two of the most widely used social messaging channels: WhatsApp and Telegram. This integration is a game-changer, offering customers the flexibility to interact with businesses on platforms they are most comfortable with. This move towards omnichannel integration is increasingly vital for contact centers, ensuring they remain relevant and accessible in a competitive market. 


AI Innovations for Enhanced Customer Interaction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing customer service, and Sangoma CX 7.4 is at the forefront of this transformation. By integrating a Virtual Agent Assistant and a WebChat Chatbot, powered by the renowned Google DialogFlow, Sangoma takes a significant leap forward in AI utilization within contact centers. These AI-driven tools not only aid agents in quickly finding answers but also automate WebChat conversations, leading to more efficient and smoother customer interactions.


Advancements in Reporting and Data Analysis

Data-driven decision-making is crucial in modern business operations, and Sangoma CX 7.4 addresses this need by introducing advanced reporting features like In-Service Rework Detail and Call History with a DID filter. These tools enable a more effective tracking of customer interactions, allowing for a deeper and more insightful data analysis. Such advancements are in line with the increasing emphasis on data-driven strategies in contact centers.


Streamlining Operations with Automated Data Export

Efficient data management is key to the smooth operation of any contact center. The Automated Data Export feature in CX 7.4 offers a comprehensive solution, providing detailed information on various call metrics. This feature is instrumental in enhancing the management and analysis of contact center data, thereby streamlining operations and boosting overall efficiency. 


Agent Experience and Efficiency

The success of a contact center heavily relies on the efficiency and satisfaction of its agents. Sangoma CX 7.4 brings significant enhancements to the agent experience with tools like an improved Extension Selection Tool and a new Queue Status Banner, which displays call waiting times for each queue. These tools are strategically designed to assist agents in managing their workload more effectively, thereby enabling them to deliver superior customer service. 


In conclusion, the release of Sangoma CX 7.4 represents a substantial step forward in the capabilities of contact centers. By focusing on key areas such as omnichannel support, AI integration, advanced reporting, and agent efficiency, Sangoma Technologies solidifies its position as a driver of innovation in the contact center industry. These updates position Sangoma CX as a leading solution, continuing to shape the future landscape of customer service.


About Sangoma Technologies:

Sangoma Technologies stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of IP Communications Systems for both voice and data. Renowned for their quality, reliability, and flexibility, Sangoma offers advanced communication solutions that cater to a diverse range of needs. For more information about Sangoma Technologies and their offerings, visit their website.

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