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Royalty Free Music

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Do you or your business play music in public? If so, that makes you a Music User!

Users who play music in the course of doing business need to pay license fees. 

It’s all laid out in the Copyright Act and it’s part of South African law. 

If the music you play isn’t written, created, performed and recorded by you, it belongs to the Music Creator and you need a license.

Purchasing a Music Usage License from SAMRO gives Music Users permission to play music publicly at their businesses or venues. The funds collected are called “license fees”. These fees are then passed on to people who made the music as royalty income.

For more information please visit the SAMRO website or click here.

If you are looking for a single song to use as hold music, this is it:

Good, high-quality music perfect for loading multiple tracks:

Some additional sites:


Everything listed here was listed as free for commercial use at the time of publication but please make sure you don’t use any music you aren’t sure is licensed for free use.

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