Unit 9, Block C, Rambo Junxion, Corporate Park North, Old Pretoria Rd, Midrand

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Competing in today’s telecommunications market is about a lot more than just having access to the latest technology. It’s about the user experience which this technology creates.


Winning involves partnership at the highest level, and as a premier distributor of Panasonic voice, video and CCTV products, Pansmart aims to be a leader in advanced communication services. We remain committed to offering innovative solutions, insight into cutting-edge developments and delivering advanced telecommunications services through our national reseller network.


Our team is passionate about seizing opportunities to transform your business, and our telecommunications solutions provide crucial support and expertise to help businesses achieve lasting results. Together with our reseller partners, we focus on developing pragmatic strategies to address the market’s most critical challenges.


Our organisational environment fosters professionalism, and our winning partnership with the trusted Panasonic brand ensures that you can acquire our products with absolute peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safe in a globally recognised and world-class brand.

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Pansmart (Pty) Ltd

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010 010 6777

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Why Customers Will Still Buy On-Premise PABXs

At Pansmart, we don’t accept the status quo without considering all the perspectives. But whatever evolved technology becomes, whatever the promised benefits, we’d never support innovation if it didn’t make complete busi
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Pansmart Telecoms Channel
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Great Deals for Dealers this Black Friday!

The Pansmart team have been working hard at delivering jam-packed Black Friday deals for our dealers. We’re going to be releasing these very soon – all you need to do is to call into our office on 010-010-6777 and fi
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Become the master of your destiny

Join the Pansmart Incubation Programme today and start your own business Pansmart is a leading distributor for Panasonic PBX, video conferencing and CCTV in South Africa and are looking for credible partners to join our exclusive reseller network aro [...]
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