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Plant a pole and DOUBLE YOUR SPEED

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Do you want double your fibre speeds? Host one of our unobtrusive fibre poles on your property and for one full year you will get double the speeds of the fibre package that you sign-up for.

It couldn’t be simpler: Sign-up for a 10Mbps package but get 20Mbps speeds for a full year. The same for the 20Mbps and 50Mbps fibre lines: pay less for DOUBLE the speeds. 

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Unfortunately, not every home in Riversdal will require a pole. Typically, a single pole will cover the needs of between 4- 6 homes, so you will need to beat your neighbours to the deal if you want double your speeds! This is a limited offer and will only be available to homes that agree to host a fibre pole first. Watch the video below to learn more about how we build our fibre networks.

CLICK HERE if you want us to nominate your home for this limited offer. Please write ‘I want the DOUBLE THE SPEED’ in the comment section. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Sourced from: HeroTel. View the original article here.

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