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Introducing the benefits of MicroPOP architecture

Many service providers are realising that high-speed internet from a tower is not the most ideal solution for dense suburban neighbourhoods due to long-distance and interference. The Mimosa MicroPoP architecture solves this issue by enabling service providers to deploy access points closer to subscribers. Mimosa’s enhanced MicroPoP architecture enables service providers to offer end users higher bandwidth connectivity that can reach up to 300Mbps- simply by getting closer to your customers. Other benefits of Mimosa’s MicroPOP solution include; fibre-like speeds, lower costs and seamless installation as well as cloud management.

Delivering fiber-like speeds to your customers has never been this simple

Many service providers spend a lot of money upgrading their networks yet they can’t come close to achieving these speeds or expanding their fiber footprint fast enough to keep up with demand. When end-users are connected to Mimosa’s MicroPOP they can experience bursts of up to 250 Mbps symmetrically, in both a downstream and upstream direction.

Providing fiber-like broadband at a fraction of the cost and time

Mimosa’s MicroPoP solution eliminates trenching or overhead cables and utilises licenced and unlicensed spectrum that results in lower installation costs as well as seamless, on-the-spot installation. The Mimosa A5 Access Point and C5 Client devices are designed to be compact and inconspicuous. These Mimosa products are the exact opposite of unsightly towers as they are generally installed in rooflines. A single MicroPoP deployment can be used to provide connectivity to 30 families or multi-dwelling units within a 300m area. For larger capacities, service providers can build a constellation of overlapping MicroPoP hub homes.

Subscriber growth, interference and environmental fluctuations continually impact your wireless network. Mimosa’s goal is to make sure you can easily design and manage your network to provide the service that your end customer’s demand. Mimosa Cloud services bring simple network planning and big data analytics to your wireless network to help your business grow.

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