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Fibre is coming to Uitenhage

Herotel IGEN is proud to announce that it’s building a world-class fibre internet network in Uitenhage after receiving approval from the local municipality. Once complete, residents and businesses will enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps. It is internet that is faster, more reliable and offered at prices far lower than ADSL, wireless or LTE. Simply put, it is a game-changing internet connectivity technology. 

Phillip Olivier, who is the General Manager of Herotel IGEN, says of the network, ‘’The Despatch fibre network represents a technological investment into the local community by a local company, which will improve access to education, entertainment and open up new business opportunities. As a further bonus to homeowners, it has been proven that access to fibre increases the value of properties over time.’

Herotel has opted to construct an aerial fibre network that is strung mostly along poles in the servitude of the mid-block between homes (along the boundary walls), which is the preferred deployment methodology of large telecommunications companies like Verizon in the United States and British Telecoms in the UK. Putting the fibre optic cables in the air has numerous benefits to Uitenhage residents: we can build your network faster and due to the cost-saving, we can offer you lower monthly prices for the same quality product. For more information on an aerial fibre deployment, please watch the video below

Further upside for homeowners is that there is almost no need to dig up the streets or pavements in front of your houses, as many other companies choose to do. The limited amount of trenching that was required has already been completed by our project team and we don’t foresee any major work in the pavements going forward.

Olivier, who is from Port Elizabeth, is proud that the fibre network is locally-owned and maintained. “We are building the network with our own hands, using local labour sourced from the local community, as well as local suppliers, with no need to import contractors or labour from outside the region. Our clients can contact our local office directly without going through an ISP which acts as an unnecessary middleman. For sales and support you will not need to deal with a national call centre that might be based in Johannesburg or Cape Town. You will talk to people from the area, real people who know where Uitenhage is and what the community stands for.”

During the further rollout in Uitenhage, Herotel IGEN is also offering an additional perk to homeowners. “Our team members, dressed in uniform, will be approaching residents to plant poles within the servitude on their property boundary line. In gratitude for granting us access to plant a pole in the servitude of their property, we will be offering a limited special promotion to those residents who assist us first.” he says.

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