Why Unify Office by RingCentral? – Choosing the Name

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As we put into place the final pieces of the puzzle to launch Unify Office on the 31st of August. I’ve been reflecting on our journey to get here. One journey in particular sticks in my mind and that’s naming. We pulled together our most creative people across Atos to consider a long list of names, existing trademarks, and random ideas we had come up with. As in any large business, there are some conventions; Atos uses descriptive or Associative names for most of its portfolio. And they are always built in a common way.

There are 4 typical naming styles for products:

  • Fanciful names – or a made-up name that doesn’t exist in a dictionary. Think Xerox or Pepsi.
  • Arbitrary names – a real word that doesn’t describe a product. Starbucks is example of this.
  • Evocative or Associative names – suggest the thing they are representing. LetsTalk is an example of this.
  • Descriptive names – describe the thing they are representing. British Telecom is an example of this.

When considering a brand for our Unify Office we wanted to ensure that it both linked back to our heritage as Unify but also looked forward to an exciting new future. We tried and tested over 40 different names to find the right mix of heritage and future. The final 4 below represented our best ideas.

In the end Unify Office won both RingCentral’s and our hearts, as it is directly linked back to the Unify heritage of our product and to the future of how the office will work. That’s even more relevant in today’s world.

We’re excited for you to see the product in real life. Only 17 days to go. Keep watching our social media for more behind the scenes insights.

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