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INFOGRAPHIC: The benefits of TEM for finance, audit and compliance

A major misconception about telecoms expense management (TEM) solutions is that they only offer benefit to the telecoms or IT team. However, the truth is that the advantages of TEM extend across the entire organisation.

The aim of this post is to explain exactly how a TEM solution can make your finance, audit and compliance team’s operations significantly easier. A cloud-enabled telecoms expense management solution allows these team to access live insights gained through analytics and reporting.

Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Our telecoms expense management solution, OneView, enables the automation, collection, enrichment, and verification of enterprise usage, spend and vendor performance. It also supports governance, compliance and risk management, mobile workforce management, infrastructure management and contract optimisation. From a finance perspective, OneView provides detailed spend analysis, budget tracking and forecasting. It also offers automation of internal cost allocation and verifying billing rates charged by service providers.

To find out more about the benefits of TEM and the value of OneView, download the eBook below.

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