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Finding Your Purpose During COVID-19


Elka Popova is a Vice President and Senior Fellow at Frost & Sullivan. In this article she interviews Gave Gilbert, and she was gracious enough to let us promote the interview here. For more wisdom from Elka, you can find her writing for No Jitter.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 will define 2020. For years to come, we’ll remember the lockdowns, the fear, the frustration, the Zoom calls, the masks, and the drastic changes we made to our lifestyles. But right now, what’s tormenting most of us are the endless speculations on why, how, and when… [fill in the blanks here] …it happened, it will end, we will feel safe again, and we will regain our economic footing.

The world is divided into many camps—the optimists, pessimists, and all variations in between. It’s hard to find two people who fully agree on the right strategies to address the epidemic, including the necessity for massive lockdowns and economic near-paralysis on a global scale. We’ve all read so many articles on the subject matter that it feels like we can’t absorb any more information or opinions without losing our minds. Yet, it’s human nature to seek answers and solutions, so the debates are likely to continue until we receive some kind of closure.

Most of the time, when we face a challenge, we each have options to deal with it using our personal resources and abilities. However, this time, we’re presented with a dilemma that no one can resolve on his or her own as we’re dependent on the rest of society to subdue the epidemic and resurrect the economy. Since most of us are neither healthcare specialists nor economists, we often turn to people whose opinions we trust and we “crowd-source” advice on important matters. Yet, it’s rare to find trusted individuals who can provide both spiritual and economic advice. To receive that kind of unique perspective, I reached out to someone that I’ve always admired for the way he straddles the spiritual and business worlds.

In the late 1990s, Dave Gilbert was a Christian minister leading a very fast-growing church in Orange County, CA, called Coast Hills Community Church. During a meeting on business ethics with some local businessmen, Dave accepted a friendly challenge to join the business world and experience first-hand the moral dilemmas business people face on a frequent basis. Soon Dave started his own company, SimpleSignal, which became a highly successful hosted IP telephony and UCaaS provider, and was later acquired by Vonage. Today, Dave continues to provide spiritual advice to his community while also staying involved in the IT and telecom space, including a leadership role at the Cloud Communications Alliance.

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Sourced from: UC Buyer. View the original article here.

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