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‘Fibre in the Sky’: A carrier-grade wireless connectivity solution for SA businesses

As South African businesses shift from Diginet and ADSL to fibre-optic internet connectivity, there’s a lesser-known, more flexible, wireless alternative that rivals fibre toe-to-toe.

For many organisations where fibre is too costly or not available, this quick-to-install wireless option can deliver up to 1Gbps in uplink and downlink speeds simultaneously – suitable for the demands of the modern digital economy.

Known as Comsol Connect, it’s a carrier-grade Layer 2 network that’s now available in over 200 metros from a variety of Internet Service Providers.

Best of all, it can be set up in less than two weeks, getting businesses online and connected to the world in rapid time.

The unbelievable, made real

So, just how does it work?

Without getting overly-technical, Comsol harnesses the power of the licensed 28GHz millimetre band of spectrum, with access to over 2,000 high-sites that beam high-strength microwave connections to local businesses in a given area.

It’s a carrier-grade, wholesale network that covers a total of over 13,000 licensed square kilometres, compliant to the international MEF 2.0 standards and promising stringent service level agreements to ensure all your multimedia applications perform optimally.

No more waiting for fibre to be installed. No more investing in expensive physical infrastructure. Comsol Connect is not only quick to set-up, but also quick to dismantle – so if your business moves location, you can simply take your network with you.

Comsol Connect can be utilised either as a primary connection or as a secondary failover connection, to give your business absolute redundancy via two entirely separate mediums.

For businesses making the shift from slower, previous-generation networks, Comsol Connect unleashes newfound opportunities in emergent areas like cloud computing, distributed blockchain, deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data, smart devices, and more.

It empowers organisations to truly take advantage of the digital revolution.

Exciting future

The network is built and fully-managed by the Comsol team – a crew with a proud 21-year history in pioneering new forms of wireless connectivity in Southern Africa.

Backed by the likes of Nedbank Private Equity and Convergence Partners, and being a BBBEE level 3 contibutor, Comsol has deep experience in building networks for businesses and government institutions in all sectors. It’s steered by an executive team with a combined 100 years of telecoms experience.

With the lion’s share of the prized 28GHz spectrum, a frequency which has been earmarked for the provision of next-generation ‘5G’ services in the near future, Comsol plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of South Africa’s telecoms landscape.

It’s a future of super-fast connectivity, of millions of connected sensors and devices, of ultra-high definition immersive experiences, and perhaps even entirely new realities.

If the network is the key that unlocks these exciting new worlds, with Comsol delivering the underlying technology, the future might just be closer than it seems.

For more information, visit the Comsol website.

This article was published in partnership with Comsol Networks.

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