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Avaya Cloud for the Collegiate Championship Basketball Tournament

When you think of a great starting five in basketball, you think of fast, agile, smart players. Those same characteristics are needed to deliver fan, customer, and team engagement at the Collegiate Championship Basketball Tournament—and for that, the right starting lineup is Allegiant Technology and Avaya.

Every year, the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) hosts a convention leading up to and culminating in the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. This is where Avaya and Allegiant Technology are partnering for the sixth year to provide all-star on-site support and operational excellence all tournament long.

The Mobile Command Center Solution

Between March 13 and April 2, teams, coaches, media, and sports reps will all trek to San Antonio’s massive Alamodome (30K square feet of meeting rooms, 160K square feet of exhibit space—it’s a big place). The multi-purpose Alamodome is both a convention center and home turf for sporting events. During the six-week Tournament, Avaya’s IP Office™ Platform ties it all together and serves as command center for operations, communications, logistics, and more. NABC members leverage the technology in their standard office, remote locations, tournament command center, and traveling offices. The solution sits in Allegiant Technology’s data center and for the first time will be 100% in the cloud in 2018.

This year we’ve removed all physical devices from the network, so the communications hub can fire up in an instant. Allegiant Technology President and CEO Bryan Dancer explains, “Now there’s nothing left on-site, we no longer have to connect from the convention center to their office but instead from the convention to the data center. It’s a more secure environment that expands and contracts with the technical requirements.”

Coaches, staff, and facilitators can get up and take the experience with them everywhere they go—all they need is internet access. It’s mobile. It’s flexible. It’s shaping connections across the NABC. It’s a simplified infrastructure, backed by up-time protection for championship worthy reliability. The mobile command center connects everyone to everything during high-adrenaline times.

Extensive Support for Extensive Events

While the final two teams facing off are the main attraction, the NABC also hosts a series of educational sessions and meetings during the timeframe. About 8K coaches will be in attendance talking strategy, discussing rules, sharing experiences, and yep—you guessed it, changing jobs. At the biggest convention for their industry, the whole event provides ample opportunities for connecting on and off the court. During the convention, coaches often make and receive as many calls in six-weeks as they do in any given three months.

The entire footprint of the event is huge. Avaya’s elite technology and solutions provide a mobile engagement environment for the Collegiate Championship Basketball Tournament championship weekend where the NABC also sponsors several major events such as the College All-Star Game, NABC Expo, several coaching clinics and a grand finale at the Guardians of the Game College Basketball Awards Show. At nearby venues, the tradeshow serves as a hotbed for big sports proprietors and retailers to showcase the latest and greatest in innovation, tech, and apparel that is all a part of the basketball scene.

“Selection Sunday” takes place on March 11, when the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee reveals which 68 teams have made the field for this year’s basketball championships.

As Avaya and Allegiant Technology double-team the proceedings, it’s ultimately a winning strategy for a seamless experience across devices, channels, networks, time and space. With this all-star portfolio supporting the biggest tournament in college basketball, we came to play. And as heralded player and coach John Wooden declares, “It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play.” He would know … with 10 collegiate championship wins in his coaching career.

The Collegiate Championship Basketball Tournament national championship game will be played Monday April 2, so keep your eyes on #NationalChampionship and #AvayaSports as the final brackets prepare for tip-off.

About the NABC

Founded in 1927, the NABC encompasses coaches from all levels of play—from high school to college to semi-pro. They also own the tournament and all events leading up to the tournament, so they’re supporting basketball professionals in every aspect of the sport. The NABC was initially created to protect the essence of the game against the ban on dribbling. It evolved into an all-encompassing association committed to furthering the best interests of basketball players, coaches, and participants.

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