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5G: What should you be doing to prepare your business?

It was back in 2012 when the local telecoms space was all-abuzz about 4G/LTE. At the time, 4G/LTE offered major improvements in mobile connectivity speeds and capacity, promising “jitter-free video and almost instantaneous music and image downloads”. Fast forward to 2018 and we’re talking about the roll-out of 5G, which is expected to be available sometime around 2020.

Described as the “cornerstone of the digital revolution”, 5G is said to be the key to unlocking the true potential of our connected world, taking the Internet of Things (IoT) as we know it to a whole new level. Like existing networks, 5G is based on radio frequencies, but these radio frequencies can move data at a significantly faster speed than 3G or 4G networks. As 5G requires higher radio frequencies, which aren’t able to travel as far as lower frequencies, 5G will rely on denser arrays of small antennas and AI to offer data speeds that are anywhere between 50 and 100 times faster than current 4G networks.

Here are just a few ways 5G will change your business.

#1 Enable remote workers: If you’ve ever been part of a video conference, specifically one streamed over a mobile network, you will have experienced that moment when the video freezes and everyone is left wondering if the other person on the call is still there. 5G speeds will make connectivity problems like this a thing of the past, thus further empowering the mobile workforce from a business communications perspective.

#2 Improve branch synergy: Companies using cloud-based services to transfer information across different branches will experience further increased efficiency. Transfer of such data will become faster and latency levels will decline. Mobile workers will become less dependent on WIFI connections making remote working styles even more effective.

#3 Attract the best talent: 5G further enhances interconnectivity between employees. Already we are seeing a shift towards a mobile workforce where employees working from home or other locations is becoming increasingly common. 5G speeds only further boost the capabilities of a mobile workforce as a result of reduced dependency of WIFI connections and face-to-face communication, and thus, the network opens up hiring opportunities to companies looking to source new talent. Current location of candidates will be a less significant issue going forward as hassles regarding relocation and travelling for interviews and meetings can be avoided.

5G innovation will only accelerate your mobile workforce. This is highly advantageous to your business in many regards, but it also puts additional pressure on your IT team who need to develop and implement BYOD and mobile enterprise management policies. Mobile devices and SIM cards will be essential tools for your mobile employees, and these devices will need to be managed effectively to optimise security and cost efficiency.

At Nebula, we play an active role in helping our customers prepare for future innovations. OneView, our premier telecoms expense and lifecycle management solution, has the functionality to provide you with full visibility over your mobile ecosystem’s network usage. Our cloud-based technology enables mobile employees to easily log BYOD claims from any location and avoid time-consuming, manual processes, thus saving you money and boosting operational efficiency.

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