BitCo: The Benefits of Fixed Wireless

More and more, organisations are moving their operations to the cloud, and business owners are finding Fixed Wireless connectivity a great solution to meet the needs for increased bandwidth, better latency with improved reliability.

Essentially, Fixed Wireless does in the air what fibre does in the ground, but better!

In a competitive business landscape, speed and Internet quality are directly linked to productivity, which, in turn, contributes to organisational success. Increasingly business operations happen in the cloud, and as a direct result increased bandwidth is necessary. Business owners are discovering Fixed Wireless provides a better connectivity solution.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Fixed Wireless can be made readily available in remote locations in a way that new fibre builds cannot. This is because its infrastructure doesn’t depend on cables and fibres.
  • The biggest advantage of Fixed Wireless technology is faster, hassle-free implementation. Instead of laying down and burying cables, service providers just need to develop a wireless base station. Any receiver within a reasonable distance of the base station can connect to the internet.
  • Also, getting a Fixed Wireless connection is as simple as installing a receiver and connecting it to the router. Even if your service provider wants to expand the coverage area, it’ll require less manpower, cost, and time.
  • The lack of cables means Fixed Wireless is not susceptible to issues that affect cable, satellite, DSL and even fibre. It is proven to be the most reliable form of connectivity available.
  • Unlike DSL or fibre, Fixed Wireless is less susceptible to inclement weather and natural disasters. Quality fixed wireless engineers will know how to work with the terrain and environment to design solutions that drastically reduce the chance of weather interference.

Fixed Wireless is an affordable and convenient alternative to conventional internet technology.

Along with many connectivity services, BitCo Telecoms offers your business a Fixed LTE service giving you all the above and more.

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Sourced from: BitCo. View the original article here.