Telecoms-Channel News Roundup – Week 49

Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for resellers, week 49. This week’s top news is featured from  UC Today, PR News Wire, Klomisoft, Microsoft TeamsYealink, Gabsten and HeroTel.

Panasonic to Close Business Communications Arm 

Panasonic has decided to close its Business Communications arm over the next two years. The Japanese giant announced the decision in an email to partners yesterday, citing the increase in cloud-based solutions as a key factor in the decline of its business communications arm.

The email from Carlos Osuna, Head of Business Communications Business Unit at Panasonic, went on to state that Panasonic felt the future of the business was “untenable and unpredictable”, adding that a “mismatch” between factory assets and market demands and R&D activities that “lagged behind” its competitors, meant the business is running at a “constant financial deficit.”

Dubber Launches Global Channel Partner Program for Cisco Resellers

Dubber today unveiled a Global Partner Program for Cisco and its resellers, supporting the recently announced availability of its Unified Call Recording (UCR) and Voice AI solution on major Cisco voice platforms. Dubber is the recording and data capture platform natively integrated into the Cisco Webex Calling Cloud Collaboration suite.

The only solution integrated and interoperable with Cisco Webex Calling, Dubber enables customers to address critical compliance mandates, improve sales and service performance, and unlock the possibilities contained within voice data. Integrated and interoperable with Cisco – and running in the Cloud. Dubber eliminates the need for costly hardware, services and lock-in contracts.

The causes of No-Audio and One-Way-Audio VoIP Calls 

What is it? Quite a common problem, when a voice call is successfully completed, but the voice packets only successfully travel in one direction, or not at all.

A one-way audio call is when you have a call between two phones, and one of them cannot hear the other. A no-audio call is when you have a call between two phones, and neither of them can hear the other.

Without going deeply into the networking stuff, it is important to remember that a call consists of the signaling part (SIP) and the media part (RTP). When a call connects initially, that indicates that the signaling part works OK. But if the media part malfunctions, then we have a one-way-audio or no-audio problem. This is greatly simplified explanation, but it is important to distinguish between signaling and media.

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | November 2020

Welcome to December! I know you have been waiting for this post as November has been another month with a lot of great features that will help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams. Let’s jump right in!

What’s New: Meetings
AI-based noise suppression
Our real-time AI noise suppression feature automatically removes unwelcome background noise during your meetings. The AI-based noise suppression analyzes your audio feed filtering out the noise and retaining only the speech signal. You can also control how much noise suppression you want, including a high setting to suppress more background noise.

Yealink Releases New W90 DECT IP Multi-Cell System

Yealink, a global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of W90 DECT IP Multi-Cell System. This system provides a seamless handover and industry-leading roaming solution for all scenarios, including warehouses, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets chains, cruises, authorized car dealerships, offices, retail floors, etc.

Seamless Stability
The Yealink W90 DECT IP Multi-Cell System brings seamless stability. The external antennas bring further signal range, industry-leading coverage, and flexible steering for complex areas, which truly saves amount and cost of bases in deployment. In poor signal transmission environment and strong signal interference, the Lan Sync guarantees stable roaming and the Range Max® ensures frictionless voice.

Skills-as-a-Service bolsters resellers’ offering and customer experience

Resellers and managed service providers may seem to be in competing lines of business, but in reality, the opposite is true. As the world moves increasingly toward Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) the role of the reseller will undergo a shift. However, they do not need to pit themselves against service providers. There is a symbiotic relationship that can be leveraged, with resellers bringing sales knowledge and the customer base, and service providers offering technical expertise and 24/7 services, something that is essential in a digital world.

Hardware is expensive

Digital transformation necessitates the use of technology to enhance business processes. However, it is a significant (and often unaffordable) investment for a company to maintain everything in-house. Not only is the hardware a costly capital expense, it also requires staff to implement and maintain it which adds to overheads.  In today’s world, in-house environments could quickly become outdated.

HeroTel notches up 100 000 fixed broadband subscribers

Fibre player Hero Telecoms (HeroTel) has reached 100 000 fixed broadband customers, securing a third-place market position, below Telkom’s Openserve and Vumatel.

South Africa’s fibre market is said to be one of the country’s highest-growth industries, with subscriptions increasing by 168% between 2015 and 2019.

adlogFounded in 2014 with the goal of providing fibre and wireless broadband services, HeroTel has acquired around 39 owner-operated businesses and 45 000 customers over a four-year period.

“By hitting the magical 100K customer mark on our own network, we can officially say HeroTel is the third-biggest player in the South African fixed broadband market, deploying networks beyond the traditional fixed-line footprint,” says HeroTel CEO and co-founder Van Zyl Botha.