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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for resellers, week 38. This week’s top news is featured from Cisco, Apex BI, Sangoma, Bank Info Security and ISPA.

The Hold Music Heard Round the World: Celebrating 100 Million Cisco IP Phones

Guess what? We’ve just sold our 100 millionth Cisco IP phone!

Back in 1998, we at Cisco had the bold idea to build IP phones that used our switching infrastructure to make phone calls. Initially, traditional telephony vendors looked at this technology and dismissed it, thinking it couldn’t be done. After all, there were millions of phones in businesses that required dedicated wiring for quality calling. How could a company like Cisco consider bringing something to market that runs from the same network as computers? Along with the challenges of QoS there were also all the legacy PBX features, security issues, and hundreds of features that organizations required to conduct business to contend with.

APEX BI: What’s your remote workforce costing you?

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to have long-lasting impacts on how companies view remote work and work from home.

Pre-COVID-19, most organisations were hesitant about enabling widespread remote work. However, having been forced to do so during the lockdowns, organisations around the world are concluding there was no loss in productivity as employees worked from home, and that a remote workforce environment could be beneficial for organisations and employees alike.

Recent studies indicate remote working could become a permanent working model and not just what many feel is a strange temporary arrangement.

Sangoma: 7 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade your Business Phone System

One crucial element to improving and expanding a business that many owners, managers, and IT administrators often overlook or do not recognize is the central role the business phone system plays in facilitating both internal and external communication. If your business’s phone system lacks functionality or modern feature sets, it’s highly likely that you are missing out either on new business (through missed or mishandled inbound calls) or on more efficient communication processes (such as lacking advanced call routing functionality provided by IVR, or Interactive Voice Control, and intelligent call rules).

Linux Malware Targets VoIP Networks to Steal Metadata 

A recently uncovered Linux malware variant dubbed “CDRThief” is targeting VoIP networks to steal phone metadata, such as IP addresses, according to an analysis from the security firm ESET.

The origins of CDRThief are unknown, but ESET suspects the malware may be designed for cyberespionage because it can sweep up phone call metadata.

The malicious code might also be used for a type of phone scam called International Revenue Share Fraud, which allows fraudsters to run up a huge phone bill for victims by making calls to premium numbers, according to the report.

ISPA: Rapid Deployment of Infrastructure Key to Post-COVID Recovery

The gazetting of the long-overdue draft policy on rapid deployment of electronic communications networks and facilities is good news for a South African economy that shrank 51 percent in the second quarter of 2020.

That’s according to the Internet Service Providers’ Association of SA (ISPA) which says the boost to gross domestic product (GDP) delivered by facilitating investment in telecommunications infrastructure is essential to the local economy returning to pre-Coronavirus levels.

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