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Telecoms-Channel News Roundup – Week 30

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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for resellers, week 30. This week’s top news is featured from Microsoft Teams, Grandstream, Telecoms Channel and Telecom Reseller.

New Meeting and Calling Experience in Microsoft Teams!

You may have seen the recent announcement of new meeting features in Teams in Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning. Today, we’re pleased to share that we’re making several of these features available to most users of Teams over the next few days.

We’re gradually rolling the features out. Once you’ve got the build that has the new experience (Teams desktop app only), you’ll have the option to turn it on. Read on to learn how to turn it on, what comes with it, how to use it, and answers to some common questions.

The Growing Market for Remote Work Technology

Headsets, webcams, conferencing software, and other technology is a new focus for IT departments, individuals, and businesses alike. Remote work has always been a growing market, and due to the global pandemic businesses are adopting new remote work practices that are here to stay as companies recognize the growing benefits that remote work offers. In fact, since 2005 regular work-at-home positions among non-self-employed workers has grown by 173%, and Telecommuting in the US has seen a 115% increase in the past decade.1 In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks that remote work offers to both employees and employers, and explain how remote work technology can boost these benefits and eliminate drawbacks.

How much data do remote employees need?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made remote work the “new normal”, with companies relying on tools like Zoom, Teams, Skype and WhatsApp to stay in touch and get work done. As a result, most people have found that they are now using much more data on a daily basis than they ever imagined when they were choosing their connectivity solutions at home.

While fibre coverage across the country has steadily improved over the past few years, the reality is that most people have to work off mobile data or ADSL/VDSL lines. Mobile data costs far more than a fixed line service, but even those that are using xDSL connections may have chosen a capped or shaped package – either because of budget constraints, or because they hadn’t needed greater bandwidth until now.

The Call Center is Far from Dead, Here’s Why

We have long heard the death of the call center is near, but are these claims actually valid? Articles dating back to 2000, and even as recently as last month, are singing the same tune; the call center is fading and being replaced with live chat, self-service and other communication channels – all of which we’ll solely rely on in the future.

This lazy trope, while peddled as “forward-thinking”, is as outdated as its Y2K origins. There’s a reason the call center is still alive and well today and will be for the next twenty years. Like many facets of technology, it is adapting to the current business landscape and will be more vital than ever before.

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