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Telecoms-Channel News Roundup – Week 29

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Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for resellers, week 29. This week’s top news is featured from Yealink, Sangoma, Ericsson-LG and Ribbon Communications.

Yealink Contributes to Zoom Hardware as a Service

Yealink, a global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, recently announced a collaboration with Zoom Video Communication, Inc.’s Hardware as a Service program (HaaS) as a hardware manufacturer with its prime business phone T53W, T54W, T58A and Optima HD IP Conference Phone CP960.

The Zoom-certified Yealink phone is compatible with Zoom’s software and supports comprehensive functions, ensuring premium and efficient communication with various models for different scenes and demands. Moreover, Yealink provides reliable service with 24/7 technical support and management platform YMCS, supporting daily use and regular maintenance.

Yealink New Product Release: Yealink T3 Series IP Phones

Yealink, the global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of the T3 series IP phone. Yealink new T3 series is a classic and cost-effective entry-level business IP phone for daily desktop voice communications. Featuring superior HD audio performance, 5-way local conference function, EHS wireless headset supporting, and proven integration of Yealink Device Management Platform, T3 series maximizes productivity and enhances collaboration for businesses of various scales.

Why an SMB Needs a Unified Communications System to Grow

As I’ve written about quite a few times, the drivers for buying a UC phone system that you might typically hear are: Efficiency improvement and productivity gains.

These are typical since, with UC, there can be other forms of communication beyond phone calls all tied into a single system. Therefore, there does not have to be context-switching to communicate. This saves time. For instance, instant messaging can happen during a conference call. Or you are connected to your smartphone outside of the actual business environment so you can “expand” your office hours. Or as I’ve written about recently you can work remote or WFH. Or because all the calls are on IP, the business can save mobile phone and PSTN trunk charges. Add this all up and the business obtains efficiency and productivity gains.

Understanding Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Every company is constantly striving to improve its organization’s processes for sustained growth. In the current trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution or Digital Transformation, companies are engaged in various activities to maintain their competitiveness by rapidly embracing the latest digital technologies and adapting to the ever-changing environments.

From a company process perspective, communication systems play a critical role in company activities as a link between members or organizations and customers. As cloud technology becomes increasingly common with evolving IT technologies, there is a growing trend of change in the way communication systems used to be owned and operated by most companies in the past.

Securing your Unified Communications Below the Surface

My colleague Greg Zweig recently wrote a blog “Forget Videobombing – Worry About What You Can’t See” in which he outlined how Unified Communications (UC) assets are all too often  left unsecured, making them an easy target.  Greg argued that enterprises should be more concern about security attacks (potential or real) that are less obvious than someone videobombing a work meeting or virtual family reunion, and advocated for increased UC security assets, integrated into a wider IT security framework.

My aim with this blog is to expand on what it means to make smart investments in UC security. While seeing bad actors pop up and insert offensive content into a collaborative event is certainly disruptive, and has even led to the banning of some UC applications by the Department of Defense and other security-conscious organizations, these very visible security breaches are really just the portion of the iceberg above the surface

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