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Telecoms-Channel News Roundup – Week 21

TC Week In Telecoms

Welcome to the roundup of the top telecoms news for resellers, week 21. This week’s top news is featured from Ericsson-LG, Sangoma, Microsoft Teams, Fanvil and UC Buyer.

Is a UC Solution the best fit for your Remote Work? 

Remote working as a form of professional working is fast becoming a new normal in our daily life. When referring to the term “Remote Worker” it is meant for boundless working environments including working from home, hotel, or just about anywhere with an Internet connection using smartphones, laptops or desktops that can provide information technology aided working.

Remote working allows employees to take advantage of more flexible time and work wherever they want, which can be a great motivator for people who are tired of the monotony and repetitive office life. It helps to maintain continuity of work even when it is inevitable to go to a designated office due to special circumstances such as childcare, business trips and disasters.

Why are there 5G Routers and Gateways? 

5G is coming, and just like Wi-Fi 6 (which I wrote about a month and a half ago), you’ll need devices and networks that support 5G to take advantage of it. So if you have 5G service in your area, it could be an option on how to get internet to your house. It could be the primary method, or maybe it’s a good backup method if you tend to have spotty landline service. And like I said above, it could work the other way around to get local Wi-Fi information back out.

Top 3 Team Collaboration Solutions for Virtual Meetings 

Virtual meetings have become the norm. Not only do they allow today’s remote workers to collaborate from multiple locations, but they also provide flexibility by making meetings more fluid and interactive.

If you have the proper tools, your virtual team meetings can become less of a hassle and more of a meaningful collaboration that helps get work done. From team messaging, to screen sharing and file sharing, the following team collaboration solutions make it easy to collaborate with colleagues and run meetings efficiently.

Fanvil Releases New H2U, H3 White and H5 White IP Phone 

Fanvil, the global professional developer and manufacturer of enterprise VoIP communication products, officially announces the release of new products today: Fanvil H2U Compact IP Phone, Fanvil H3 White Hotel IP Phone and Fanvil H5 White Hotel IP Phone. Keeping passion for pursuing quality and fulfilling customers’ needs, Fanvil is always focusing on producing professional, premium, powerful endpoint products to customers. Combined with graceful design of appearance and leading technology, the new Fanvil H series IP phone possesses powerful functions and provides customer a fresh using experience.

Sangoma and .e4: Long Live Open Source

It’s been a little over two months since .e4 joined the Sangoma team. In that time, we’ve had an opportunity to adjust to multiple new realities, and we are finding our stride despite the ongoing craziness of the world. It has been an enjoyable onboarding experience. Having worked closely with the Sangoma and Digium teams for years, the .e4 crew has had fun getting up to speed on our latest innovations and sharing in the “I can’t believe we’re all on the same team” conversations. 

What Equipment Does One Need to Effectively Work From Home

You may have set up a hasty home office due to sudden and unexpected work-from-home orders. Working from the kitchen table, using virtual backgrounds to hide your virtual learning children, might have been good enough for a couple months. As more businesses resume normal conditions, many offices are finding benefits in having a good percentage of their staff as remote workers. Even some, like Twitter and Square are deciding to keep work from home as an option even after COVID-19.

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