Snom Academy – Future Proofed for Resellers

The tool, aimed at educating partners, just got a facelift

In an interview with Snom, Simon Eckmiller, Knowledge Manager, told me the company’s expanded its learning platform Snom Academy. The partner resource now includes classroom training and a variety of modular online courses, with content covering the VoIP and DECT markets.

He believes digital transformation is moving along at a rapid pace. And he’s right, specialist dealers and technicians in the IT industry are constantly challenged with the complexities of evolving technologies and forced to adapt. They are compelled to stay abreast of every change and update manufacturers make, which can prove a troublesome task.

Eckmiller said continued education through the Snom Academy for partners who want to gain key insights according to their requirements is the best route for their resellers to stay ahead of the learning curve. In the same light, he added, the company wanted to keep partners up-to-speed without long waiting times.

“We want to help them to become even more competitive in the market, so they can gain a significant advantage”

Partners Stand to Gain from the New Snom Academy

Snom partners can earn qualifications and complete knowledge of performance characteristics, application areas, and product benefits. “All training sessions are available in German and English,” Eckmiller added.

For Russian and Turkish speakers out there, Snom’s product training materials are also available for them. Eckmiller said, access is free, and it would be smart to take advantage of the tools that teach you the ins and outs of Snom products.

Stepping up its Partner Program Across the Board

Snom already has over 3500 registered partners with many of them already promoted to silver and gold status thanks to hitting their revenue targets. The latter two levels of partnership come with a few extra incentives including ones for sales, I was told during our interview. The German IP manufacturer said it expects this number to grow as more partners discern the advantages of its program. He said they stand to profit between four and 15 percent for each product they sell.

There are different levels of partnership for those considering teaming up with Snom. First, is it’s a registered partner program. Joining is as simple as being verified by Snom’s sales team. There’s a short validation process, but you do get a free Snom phone to test, access to support, rebates on all Snom product sales purchased from official distributors and access to marketing materials (soon to be made available).

As a Snom silver level partner, at least one of your organization’s employees must pass Snom’s VoIP Essentials Training exam. This comes with discounts on every Snom product purchased, a free Snom phone for testing, invitations to exclusive events for partners and more.

Finally, becoming a Snom gold partner means even bigger discounts on Snom products, company name listed on Snom’s website, and joint marketing campaigns with the IP phone manufacturer. Since initiating its partner program, Snom has paid out over 650,000 Euros to resellers. Want to access Snom’s new partner resource portal? Check it out here.

Source: UCToday

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