Four Going Forward Essentials of a UC System

Jims blog 8 25

At the end of last month, I published an article on Toolbox that highlighted the four essentials of a UC Systems.  Outside, of course, of just making a phone call, I believe they are:

  1. Mobility. And the mobility features should be free.
  2. Presence Ability.
  3. Video Collaboration.
  4. Contact Center Feature Integration.

Why do I pick these features?  It’s because the “office” has now became not just a place you go (or used to go), it’s more of  just where you decide to do your work that day, be it a home office, an AirBnB in some nice location, your parents house, the couch, the deck, the ….  It’s just where you decided to work that day.  And to do that, these four features are required.

Sourced from: Sangoma. View the original article here.