PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 89 now available

Convince customers to sign up for long-term commitments, enable PortaPhone users to choose between app-to-app or app-to-mobile calls, and comply with local regulations by sending number portability parameters – all with the new PortaSwitch MR89. Find out more in the latest New Features Guide.

Sale discounts for commitments

With MR89, your sales managers can offer individualized term discounts on top of any regular discounts offered for set term commitments. For example, along with a standard discount of, say, $5 in exchange for a 12-month commitment, your sales team could offer a specific customer an additional $15 discount for the first 3 months. Sales discounts can be adjusted individually, helping your sales managers convince each customer to sign up for a long-term commitment while maintaining the overall customer lifetime value.


Increase customer lifetime value (CLV)
Convince your customers to sign up for commitments.

Customer experience
Improve customer satisfaction by providing even more discounts.

Making calls to mobile phones via PortaPhone

PortaPhone users can now choose whether to make calls to each other via app-to-app or app-to-mobile. For example, John and Mary both use the PortaPhone app and have been calling each other for free via app-to-app. Now, if Mary is in a place with no Internet connection, John can simply tap and hold Mary’s contact, select “off-net call” in the pop-up menu, and make a call to her mobile phone.


Customer experience
Enable your PortaPhone users to make off-net calls to mobile phones.

Smart Contacts feature to display PortaPhone users

PortaPhone users can now quickly distinguish the contacts who also use PortaPhone from regular contacts. In the address book, all PortaPhone users are now indicated with a distinct color and icon. PortaPhone users within the address book are also grouped in the Smart Contacts tab.

Here’s an example: John needs to call his friend Adam. He opens the PortaPhone app and finds Adam’s contact. Adam’s contact is displayed with a specific icon, so John can see that Adam is a PortaPhone user as well. John can now choose to call Adam via app-to-app, so that the call is free.


Customer experience
Users can find out if any contact also uses PortaPhone.

Sending of number portability parameters in outgoing calls

In certain countries – for example, the Dominican Republic – vendors can drop calls that do not contain the number portability parameters (i.e., routing number and number portability database dip indicator). To avoid these dropped calls and to comply with local regulations, service providers can now deliver these parameters to vendors in the outgoing calls.


Comply with local regulations
Deliver number portability parameters in outgoing calls.

Sourced from: PortaOne. View the original article here.