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Why Customers Will Still Buy On-Premise PABXs

At Pansmart, we don’t accept the status quo without considering all the perspectives. But whatever evolved technology becomes, whatever the promised benefits, we’d never support innovation if it didn’t make complete business sense to us, you and ultimately your customers. So today, I want to share my top five reasons why on-premise PABX systems reign supreme. I hope this also empowers you when you are consulting your prospects.

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The Panasonic PABX’s TCO can be measured. The customer only has to purchase the system upfront, and there are no ongoing renewal or software maintenance costs. The costs are 100% clear and predictable, and with smart financing and alignment of support, can be presented “as a service”. Once the system is paid, which is not a significant investment, the customer owns it and potentially incurs no further cost to run their environment. Sure, a handset refresh is suggested after a few years, but that is common among any provider, whether cloud or not. Plus, PABX control units are developing so if the tin breaks, you can simply move the same software to another tin or client server.

  • Ultimate flexibility

Where you want to host the PABX depends on what makes the most sense for your customer. Want it in the cloud? Put it in the cloud as a private cloud deployment. Do you prefer it on-site or a blend of both? The choice is yours when it comes to IP.

  • You have control

Dedicated PABXs offer a higher level of control, customisation and responsiveness. You are more likely to provide your service to your PABX at the pace you’re used to (or expected to) than possibly leaving that to a third party. And besides, you want the services revenue, right?

Having an on-site PABX allows you to customise a Service Level Agreement to meet your customer’s expectations and allows for more flexibility when integrating with client’s systems such as CRM or ERP.

  • Effective deployment

Due to common IT complexities and challenges, we believe that customers will return to dedicated voice infrastructure, which stands to benefit both parties and keeps you from having to spend hours working with third-party IT providers configuring, testing and troubleshooting to get to good quality service levels.

  • It’s more profitable for you

With on-premise PABX sales, you get your money upfront rather than a small annuity payment over the term of your agreement. This simplifies how you can manage your cash flow and incentivise your staff.

Panasonic PABXs have earned the trust of customers because of its sophisticated level of technology. As a dealer, you would know that making a transition to a new phone system can be stressful, but with an on-site solution, customers are guaranteed complete peace-of-mind and autonomy. On-premise PABX systems are feature-rich and can transform the way businesses communicate with their customers. Key features are built into the system and have always been the preferred option for businesses with centralised workforces with specific needs. An on-premise PABX is especially cost-effective for businesses that are focused on growing.

As our partner, we will always provide you with informed guidance. Let us know what your biggest challenge is out there – allow us to help come up with a solution!

Source: Pansmart

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