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Nebula: The ABCs of Mobile Expense Management

COVID-19 forced companies to implement more flexible work policies. According to a recent study by Michael Page, only 26% of respondents in South Africa had the freedom to work from home before the pandemic. But due to the lockdown, the number of employees working remotely rose to 79%. This trend means managing a more mobile workforce and keeping track of an influx of mobile technologies, which is more complicated than it seems. 

When your team is working from home, you need to ensure that they have the connectivity, tools, and solutions they need to be just as productive as they would be if they were in the office. And you also need to ensure that they are using these resources safely and responsibly. 

Below, we unpack the ABCs of Mobile Expense Management (MEM), explaining how these solutions can simplify the process of managing the costs of your mobile communications.


Mobile Expense Management platforms make it possible to monitor and control data and voice costs in real-time. Tracking can be done for individual users, teams, and even entire departments; making it possible to identify usage trends and prevent overspending. 


  • Process claims immediately: When MEM is done in the cloud, employees can tag calls immediately via their mobile devices. Users can also load business contacts so that any calls to these numbers are automatically logged accordingly.
  • Save time: With mobile expense management, your mobile monitoring teams no longer have to sift through monthly mobile bills to track expenses and charge the correct cost centres. In addition, adding data bundles is a simpler process and users are sent automated notifications when they are approaching their usage limits.
  • Improved accuracy: Automated solutions mean that every action is performed in the same way, which lowers the possibility of errors and boosts the accuracy of your results. 

(Expense) CONTROL

With a cloud-based mobile expense management solution in place, you have greater visibility and control of everything happening across your entire mobile environment.

OneView is our cloud-based technology expense management platform. Using OneView you can scale up your mobile spend and deployment tracking so that your monitoring increases as your remote workforce grows. And the ability to define your organisational structure in OneView means that you can view spend by business unit, cost centre or user, for example. You can also allocate budgets across your business so that it’s possible to identify and assign mobile spend across various ISP platforms and chargeback spend to specific business units. 

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Sourced from: Nebula. View the original article here.