Nebula: Telecoms expense management explained

Communication technologies have become an essential tool for the modern workforce; especially with more and more of us working remotely. But how do businesses keep tabs on all these different communication tools and solutions? Telecoms expense management (TEM). 

TEM solutions help organisations to monitor and manage their entire telecoms environment, tracking spend, usage, technology, processes, policies and people. Effective telecoms expense management not only reduces costs and reduces the risk of unplanned expenses but also highlights potential billing errors, streamlines the process of managing multiple contractors from different services providers, simpler compliance, better security and improved financial planning. And let’s not forget how much time is saved and how many errors are avoided by automating lengthy, manual expense management processes. 

Here’s what comprehensive TEM solutions should include:

  • Device management: A TEM solution will streamline the process of setting up and onboarding new devices. Allocating devices to staff and replacing, fixing, or removing devices is also made simpler. 
  • Spend management: Unsure what’s eating up your telecoms budget? The right TEM solution will provide sophisticated reports and analyses around the usage and spend of all devices.
  • Inventory management: Keep tabs on all devices with a TEM inventory management system. This system will identify and catalogue all devices across the company.
  • Activity and usage management: Understanding who is using what makes it easier to update packages based on each employee or department’s needs. When all telecoms devices and technology is monitored in real-time, the company has a clear view of all activity and usage.
  • Invoice and document management: All invoices and documents should be consolidated through a centralised source and located in a central place to allow management through a single platform at the same time. 

At Nebula, we’ve been helping businesses improve their telecoms ecosystem for over two decades using OneView®, our cloud-based TEM solution. Over the years, we’ve helped many clients across a wide range of industries to improve their telecoms environments and enjoy costs and time savings by doing so. Check out the following case study to see what we do. 

And we’ve expanded our capabilities beyond just telecoms. Today, OneView® also automates technology and cloud Expense Management, providing full visibility and complete control of your entire technology environment. Find out more about OneView® by completing the form below.

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