Nashua: Conference TV’s vs projector screens: which one is right for your business?

If you have a large empty wall in your conference room and can’t decide whether to occupy the space with a TV or a projector screen, to help you make that decision, we weigh the two. Selecting the best technology and medium for your conference room can make your meetings not only more worthwhile, but provide a better experience.

A look at the TV screen

TV’s have come a long way. They are no longer just a nice screen to be placed in your home for entertainment purposes. Flat screens are capable of functionalities and features offered by other technologies. As a result, it has become more and more common to see TV’s as the selected presentation display in meeting and conference rooms. Several businesses are opting to replace their old projectors with large TV screens.

Better visuals – The most common reason why the TV screen offers a better experience overall is that the image quality and pixel density of a large TV or monitor is so much better than most meeting room projectors. 4K TV’s offer a wider colour range with brighter and sharper visuals and textures.  And with regards to contrast, TV’s have better contrast ratios with visuals that are both sharper and brighter in dark settings when compared to projectors.

Colour accuracy –  The colour accuracy of TV’s is far more precise than that of projectors due to their wider colour spectrum. So where you need to display a business idea where a colour scheme is vital, the quality would be higher when displayed on a TV screen. If you or your employees spend a considerable amount of time working with colours, the TV may be your best option, but you have to keep in mind other factors as well.

Lifespan – One of the biggest positives to purchasing a TV is that you can use the same device for a long period with little to no maintenance. And unlike projectors, you don’t have to turn your TV off after every presentation. This makes a TV quite a good conference room device to invest in.

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Why opt for a projector instead of a TV?

As with TV’s, projection technology has evolved over the years to offer a better quality display, making it a tough decision to choose between the two.

Perfect for larger meeting rooms – If your meetings usually include a larger number of people, a 4K TV — as amazing as it is — may not be suitable for your meeting room. In this case, buying a projector would be a wise choice, where you can convert an entire wall into a movie screen. Not only do modern projectors offer a bigger image, but they also provide greater brightness, provide a crisp display in both dark and lit rooms, and their small size makes them portable.

No strain on eyes: Due to a lower degree of brightness and sharpness in images, the projector offers less strain on the eyes during long presentations. Overall looking into a projector is kinder on the eyes compared to a flat TV screen.
Adjustable display: An added advantage of projectors is that most feature adjustable display sizes, which means you can easily set the size of the display according to the size of your wall and the number of people you have in the meeting room.

While a TV is not portable due to its size, the projector also has the drawback of having a limited  lifespan. You may need to replace it after a few years if it has been used extensively or not been used for a long period. So, after going through the things we’ve highlighted, only you can decide what will work best for your meeting room, but it should be much easier making that decision.

Source: Nashua

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