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Upgrade core network capacity with cutting edge Edgecore bare metal switches

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Choosing the right networking equipment is crucial for any large-scale, mission-critical data centre. Edgecore has always acknowledged and risen to this challenge by offering high performing bare-metal switches. Edgecore provides a full range of bare-metal switches that offer the choice of network operating systems for data centres, telecommunications, and enterprise network applications.

Bare-metal switches are gaining more popularity due to the wide customisation options available. Operators have the luxury of choosing customised components like operating systems, depending on their needs. The separation of hardware and software allows for a more affordable and flexible network. For a great combination of reliable, high-performance hardware and scalable software, pair your Edgecore bare-metal switch with Cumulus Linux. A powerful open network operating system that allows you to automate, customise and scale using web-scale principles. This combination fulfils the vision of a more affordable, manageable network and saves time and funding for more projects, which is beneficial to your business.

The Edgecore AS4610 series has been a dominant force out in the field. This particular series offers high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 switches available in 30 or 54 port options. The AS4610-54T has proven ideal as a data centre top-of-rack switch or Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) switch. Whereas the AS4610-30T, AS4610-30P, and AS4610-54P are ideal for campus networking.

Upgrade your network by taking advantage of our EC-AS4610-54T-O-AC-F special. Contact our sales team on 012 657 0960 or for more information. Limited stock is available so give us a call TODAY and find out how these Edgecore bare metal switches can revolutionise your data centre!

Get in touch with our team for expert advice on how you can transform your network with Edgecore’s reliability and the scalability of Cumulus Linux!

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