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Rajant delivers connectivity in extreme environments

For almost two decades Rajant has been addressing the shortcomings of traditional wireless mesh technology in industries such as mining, municipalities, military, transportation and public safety.

The inception of Rajant came to be after the Twin Towers came crashing down on 9/11, destroying all the base stations on top of the two towers, crippling all forms of communication in Manhattan; more importantly those of the rescue services. The US government commissioned Rajant to develop a technology that would have extreme redundancy, would be self-healing and provide not one single point of failure.  After the successful development of this technology, Rajant started specialising in independent connectivity for the military and later expanded its horizons by providing connectivity for the mining, transportation, municipality and public safety industries.

These days Rajant’s reliable, high-performance private networks can help you streamline your business operations, cut costs and increase your productivity through diverse Industrial IoT, machine-to-machine and mobility applications. They are the exclusive provider of private wireless networks powered by the patented Kinetic Mesh® network, BreadCrumb® wireless nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software.

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networking solutions combined with their InstaMesh® software, instantly adjusts to operational shifts and growth, continuously forming an ever-moving web of connections between device nodes. No matter how an operator configures the network, InstaMesh® determines the best pathway between any two points; even when those points are in motion. If one path gets blocked, the technology instantly identifies the next best available path without any outside intervention. It is the ideal solution for remote and often dynamic environments such as deep-sea oil rigs, drones and racing applications.

If you have a unique opportunity, in any of the above-mentioned industries or any application that requires independent connectivity combined with mobility, MiRO and Rajant can assist you!

Simply contact our MiRO experts and we will facilitate the introduction call with Rajant and get you signed up to the Kinetic Mesh Partner program. This program is designed to help you specify, design and install Rajant Kinetic Mesh solutions. Once your application is successful you will have access to multiple trainings, technical resources and sales tools that are designed to help you grow your business. After completing the online hands-on training you will be able to present Rajant with a forecast and possible proof of concept.

Rajant is the only effective choice when mission-critical deployments matter.

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