MikroTik’s NEW Mesh Wi-Fi router delivers speed and elegance

Deliver fast, reliable, easy to manage Wi-Fi that reaches every corner of every room with MikroTik’s Audience access point. This wireless powerhouse is the ideal Wi-Fi solution for home applications and delivers on MikroTiks’s promise of better wireless.

MikroTik’s Audience takes connectivity one step further with three wireless bands to accommodate even more data-hungry devices. This tri-band home access point features one 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands.

This cutting-edge Wi-Fi router offers the best of both worlds with LTE support and mesh technology. Allowing you to enjoy the speed of LTE Cat6 and the flexibility of Mesh Wi-Fi at the same time. LTE Cat6 delivers speeds of up to 300 Mbps with low latency, so having a traditional Ethernet connection is no longer a must-have for streaming high-quality videos or gaming, making it the ideal Wi-Fi solutions for large homes that require greater wireless coverage.

The Audience places flexibility and scalability back into your hands. Simply add more Audience devices in your home to create a larger mesh network. Seamlessly sync the MikroTik access points with the touch of a single button and create a single Wi-Fi network that covers your entire home.

Order your Audience today and start living in the future – The future of easy and stylish networking!

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