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Keeping up critical communications with Cambium Networks ePMP range

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Many businesses are resuming operations under strict precautionary measures such as continued social distancing and mandatory protective gear. Furthermore, President Cyril Ramaphosa is still encouraging a work from home strategy and allowing staff that can work remotely to do so. This strategy has called for rapid technological advances as a response to the new challenges faced by internet service providers (ISPs) to deal with increased demand and strain on their networks.

To address the multitude of deployment scenarios, frequencies and budgets, Cambium Networks offers purpose-built point-to-multipoint (PtMP) solutions. The ePMP 3000 access point and subscriber portfolio delivers affordable high performance with interference tolerance. This flagship solution offers state-of-the-art wireless technology and can rise to meet the current capacity and reliability demands. Featuring a 4X4 access point and sector antenna, ePMP 3000 combines self-interference mitigating GPS synchronisation and combines it with multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) technology.  It also supports an auxiliary SFP port, 80 MHz channel bandwidth and 256QAM modulation.

The ePMP range also offers two new cost-effective solutions that are perfect for filling in capacity and coverage gaps within networks. The connectorised ePMP3000L and ePMP MP3000 MicroPOP (360 degree integrated antenna) are ideally suited for areas with low density or small numbers of subscribers. With support for narrow-band sector- and Omni antennas, coverage can be added exactly where needed. This is also a great migration tool for ISPs that may not need the full capacity of the ePMP3000 right away. For applications with a smaller amount of customers these base stations, in combination with the ePMP Force subscriber units, are the perfect way to start a network. Once the subscriber threshold is reached, simply upgrade the base station to the ePMP3000 to be able to serve up to 128 clients with 4×4 MU-MIMO.

Lastly, the ePMP range has a variety of Force 300 subscriber module options – 13 dBi, 16 dBi, 19 dBi, 25 dBi and a connectorised option. Users can pick the perfect subscriber module for whatever distances and budget they are working with.

Speak to our team of experts for advice on how you can simplify your wireless deployments with the perfect combination of our Cambium solutions.

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