Get a Competitive Edge in a Demanding Wireless Market

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As the landscape for wireless ISP’s evolves, more networks are being deployed and wireless interference grows and essentially results in congestion and performance issues. At the same time, home users demand more capacity and higher connection speeds. To address these challenges, Ubiquiti has developed their industry-leading airMAX technology.

However, we understand that great technology should be paired with a reliable network and business management platform. Fortunately, Ubiquiti has developed UNMS, a free management platform that allows you to plan, configure, upgrade and monitor all your airMAX solutions in one place. The free platform can be used to simplify any ISP’s day-to-day tasks and at the same time let you grow your network and business!

Ubiquiti’s UNMS software suite offers a selection tools that can assist you with everything, ranging from link planning through to operations and accounting, this software suite includes the following:

1. Link Planning

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Simulate your links to determine Fresnel zone clearance, link budget, and expected capacity.

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2. Deployment

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Instantly deploy customer radios using just a smartphone or tablet.

3. Configuration

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Intuitive link and RF environment visualization to easily optimize radio performance and help you select the best channels to operate on for minimum interference.

4. Network Management

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Scheduled mass network upgrades, system monitoring, and overall performance analytics

5. Operations and Accounting

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Setting up or upgrading a client’s plan? With UCRM this only takes a few seconds! All you need to do is change the plan. The quality of service on the gateway will be set automatically. Ubiquiti’s CRM will help you create, track and manage recurring billing, customer portals, support tickets and even automate account suspension and throttling.

Speak to our experts for advice on how you can optimise your outdoor wireless network to keep up with the demand and get a jump on your competitors!

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