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Cambium Networks address challenges faced by ISP’s as work from home continues

Cambium MU MIMO

Work from home (WFH) has blossomed beyond the means of addressing the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is becoming a viable and extremely productive alternative for many businesses. However, internet service providers are now having to push the performance of their networks to meet the capacity demands of WFH.

ISPs are now in the spotlight to upgrade and grow their networks where applicable and are faced with the extra challenge of this happening in record time to avoid any network downtime. This is where Cambium Network’s 5GHz wireless solutions rise to meet the calls of South Africa’s ISPs.

Cambium Networks ePMP range offers a variety of top of class 802.11ac Wave 2 point-to-multipoint solutions that allow wireless internet services providers (WISPs) to build robust, scalable high performing networks. It is for this reason that Cambium’s ePMP3000 wireless base station has become the number one option for many of South Africa’s largest WISPs.

Packed with features such as 4×4 MU-MIMO, this radio can send double the capacity of competing solutions to up to 128 subscriber modules (CPEs). This capacity is complemented by Smart Beamforming that takes interference tolerance to a new level by avoiding noise from other wireless networks operating in the 5GHz frequency. The ePMP3000 base stations and its respective subscriber modules, the Force 300 SMs, are backwards compatible with the previous generation of ePMP equipment and will now also be forward compatible with the future generation of ePMP equipment.

In scenarios where WISPs have a tight budget or simply need to get coverage to an area with a smaller number of clients, the ePMP 3000L connectors base station or the ePMP MP 3000 MicroPOP 360 degree integrated base station is the perfect solution to fill in the gap. Coming in a lower price point but still being able to serve up to 64 subscribers units means that capacity demands can still be met where the full power of the ePMP3000 may not yet be required.

These ePMP base stations work with the Force 300 subscriber modules, should you reach your capacity or client threshold, you can simply swap out the base station with an ePMP3000 to step your network up to an 802.11ac Wave 2 solution that can serve double the number of clients.

Once a WISP has identified the correct hardware for their network, Cambium Network’s free cloud-based management platform comes into play. This innovative platform offers full network visibility from a single pane of glass and applies to Cambium’s Network’s outdoor wireless equipment and its enterprise and residential Wi-Fi solution, cnPilot.

This makes units such a the cnPilot R195 dual-band Wi-Fi router the ideal solution for ISPs to manage and troubleshoot clients’ Wi-Fi remotely, reducing call outs, support desk calls and overall operating expenses.

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