Microsoft On-Premise Diagnostics (OPD) tool for Skype for Business Server

Microsoft has announced a new On-Premise Diagnostics (OPD) tool for Skype for Business Server.

OPD is a PowerShell based collection of diagnostic scenarios, analyzers, rules and insights for diagnosing common issues in Skype for Business 2015 and 2019 on-premises and hybrid environments.

Once installed you run it in PowerShell and are prompted to pick a technical area.


Scenario Types of tests
Contact List User contact list is not available
Federation Federation is not working (On-Premises deployment)

Federation is not working (Hybrid deployment)

Hybrid IM and Presence problems between on-premise and online users
Services Skype for Business Server Frontend service is not starting

Then you are presented with a list of diagnostic scenarios. E.g. this is for the Federation area


Then you run a scenario


This tool comes from a great team and I know they are keen for you to test it and provide your feedback, you can email them directly at

Original blog from Corbin Meek here


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