Hi5 employee engagement app now integrates with Microsoft Teams

With many organizations already using Microsoft 365 and choosing Microsoft Teams as a platform for collaboration, file-sharing and communication, it only makes sense that there’s a market expectation for Microsoft Teams to offer an employee engagement and recognition platform that enables managers and employees alike to share in company wins and recognize individuals for great work, as well as communicate with their teams and get feedback from them.

Microsoft Teams recently integrated with Hi5, a simple, easy mobile and cloud solution that unlocks the potential of every team member through ongoing recognition and feedback. Customers of Microsoft Teams can download and use Hi5 app to trigger recognitions to one or more co-workers to celebrate and show appreciation when they’ve excelled in their work or represented the company well through key behaviors. This ultimately frees up management and HR teams to focus on qualitative employee engagement to improve company culture.


Once you’ve added Hi5 as an app to your Microsoft Teams account, you’re able to log into your Hi5 account and start giving Hi5’s (if you don’t have a Hi5 company account, you can easily create one and sign up using Microsoft SSO!).

Personalizing Appreciations

You can personalize your Hi5 by adding an image and emoji. If the Admin has added the company’s values to the Hi5 account, you can also tag the company values that a particular Hi5 highlights.


Hi5 posted (1).png


All Hi5’s given in Microsoft Teams are shared in your designated Teams team channels and allows for Hi5 Backing (acknowledgement or agreement). Each user can access their Hi5 Profile tab to keep track of the recognition they’ve given and received.

Personal Tabs
You can also navigate to your company’s Notice Board tab to stay in the loop with announcements and special events on an easy-to-view calendar.

Notice board calendar (1).png


Your Hi5 Admins can create Notices and Events within Microsoft Teams and are able to send you notification cards in your personal chat, so that you never miss an important update. Notices are interactive, too: you can clap for notices and leave comments to acknowledge receipts and share your views.

Moreover, you can go to your Pulses tab to complete your performance reviews or participate in surveys to help your team measure company culture and pretty much anything else!

Pulses tab (1).png

Hi5 Bot

The Hi5 bot is really helpful! In your Hi5 on Microsoft Teams chat, simply type and send ‘help’ and the bot will show you all the options you have, including adding notifications to your Hi5 chat, logging out, and a quick tour of the features.

Bot add notifications (1).png


Channel Tab

Want to know who the top recognition givers are in your company? You can add your Hi5 Leader board tab to a channel, which shows the top Hi5 givers within the company in real time. This is also a great tool for nominating great givers for company-wide recognition rewards.

Desktop app Leaderboard (1).png

How to get started

If you haven’t already, install Hi5 from our Microsoft AppSource. For more info and to see how it works, go to https://www.get5.io/features/microsoft-teams-integration.

Watch a video to learn about how to use Hi5 in Microsoft Teams:


Sourced from: Microsoft Teams Blog. View the original article here.